No, not mine.  I could only wish.  I’m retiring the old short shank darning foot. 


She’s quilted many, many miles with me, but after playing with the new feet, she just doesn’t have the flexibility to do it anymore.  The Bernina was able to work through that, so I’ll save the foot for emergencies on her.  But, the new feet have so much more flexibility to their movement that I’ll be using them.  I didn’t even notice that the old foot had gotten stiff until I changed to the new. 

Anyway, it has made all the difference free motion quilting on the 15-91.  I was about to give up in frustration and decided to change feet instead and whammo-bammo, we’re off to the races.

I wanted to show the difference in scale for the picture of the front of the house. 


Rob and I talked about it last night and we’ve decided we need to do a video of the whole process of this quilt.  This weekend, I plan to wash the silk and make sure the blue marker will wash out and I plan to start the enlarged drawings that will be traced onto the quilt. 

So much hinges on whether the washout marker damages the silk.  It changes how this will be transferred to the silk and how much can be drawn in advance.

Be well.  Have a great Friday. It’s supposed to rain here.  Yay!!!



Elizabeth said...

Hooray! It is Friday! I hope you get your rain! I wouldn't mind some here, either.

The detail on your front door is going to be amazing!

xo -E

Rebecca Grace said...

This project really speaks to me, Lane. I took photographs of my grandmother's house years ago, after she had sold it, because the design of the front door, the bell near the driveway for ringing the men to come in from the fields for supper, the barn -- these images hold so many childhood memories for me. I know I want to use those images somehow, but pictoral applique and photos printed on fabric doesn't feel right. I really love that you're sharing your process for this whole cloth quilt of your home. Maybe I could try something similar?

Susan Entwistle said...

Good luck with the marker. Sometimes if it doesn't come out with water, it will come out later with a soap and water wash (but try plain water first). If you can work quickly, you could always test out disappearing marker.

lw said...

What brand are the new darning/quilting feet?