Border work

Well, I’m about half way down the first border, quilting all those long pointy lines.  And, seeing every place my points don’t match.  But, you know, it’s too late to worry about that now. 


Yesterday, I spread the quilt out and just gave it a glance over.  There aren’t very many points that don’t match.  Most viewers at the show won’t notice.  But, I know the judge is going to see every one.  And, that makes me feel bad.  Even though probably 96% of the points are spot on, and there are hundreds of points, that 4% is bugging the crud out of me.  I knew it would.  And, I’m doing my absolute very best to just put those thoughts out of my mind.  Because, it’s too late to worry about that now.  Deja vu.

Yesterday, I took an ebay chance.  I think I bought five needles and two bobbins for the two spool.  The seller found them with a singer machine and advertised them as vintage singer parts.  But, my discerning eye says that they are national needles (national machines often take a longer needle) and that the two industrial bobbins are actually spools for the two spool machine.  Wouldn’t that be terrific?  The spools look similar to the old 35mm camera film spools, with a narrow post down the middle and straight ends.  If I’m right, those things are going to hold hundreds of yards of thread each.  Won’t know till they get here tho. 

I paid ninety-nine cents plus shipping.  Even if they aren’t what I think they are, it is worth it to find out.  I guess I’m a gambler like that.  They’ve been on ebay for months as the seller tried to off load them and I’ve watched the price drop.  If you’re going to sell stuff, you need to know about it.  Any vintage machine collector will tell you that the parts that are stored with a machine don’t necessarily fit that machine.  Believe the guy that spent a half hour trying to make a high shank foot fit a slant shank machine.  They’re close.  And, they came in the same box.  But, they don’t belong together.

Every day, I walk in the yard and see something new popping out of the ground.  Spring is on it’s way, y’all.  If it’s here this week, then it will be where you are soon.  I’m starting to see little birds on the feeders again.  And, the jays that nest next door every year are back.  I can’t keep the feeders filled and I saw a very pregnant squirrel yesterday.

Sydney’s health class is progressing.  It has led to some very interesting conversations.  Yesterday, they talked about condoms, so today, I got to talk about them.  Jeez, y’all.  This stuff is hard.  I know why so many parents choose not to have these conversations.  It can be very embarrassing.  But, I just plow on and don’t worry about that because she needs information more than I need to avoid feeling shame.

But, it’s hard to do.

Have a great Friday, y’all.  Rob has agreed to video me quilting on the Bernina this weekend, so you’ll get to see me on a newer machine.  Lane


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Stunning quilt!! I wish I could just see the ground here..lol. Buried in snow....oh well.

lw said...

I think that the 4% that don't perfectly match is what makes the quilt feel organic and beautiful. If everything matched perfectly, it would look like it had been made by a machine. There's a real human loveliness in near perfection.

Even if you're a female parent talking to a teenage daughter, those conversations aren't easy. But they are essential, so it's a good thing you don't flinch easily.

Laura said...

Better to talk about condoms than wish you had. I remember being shocked at finding condoms in my 16 year old's room. My husband said, "buy him some more." They make their own decisions, you just have to hope they will be responsible.

Rebecca Grace said...

Oh, Lane. I know how you feel. After so many hours, so much work trying to create the most technically precise quilt top you can, you think you nailed it -- only to discover what seem to be glaring boo-boos in the quilting phase. I think it always seems worse than it really is at this point, because you're really zoomed in at close range for machine quilting. I'll bet it isn't as bad as you think it is, and if it was someone else's quilt instead of your own, those little "birthmarks" wouldn't even be noticeable.

Condoms, hunh? Ugh. Not looking forward to that talk, either. Hasn't anyone created an app for that yet? ;-)

Elizabeth said...

I figure that if I don't talk to my kids about it, they'll learn about it at school, and I'd much rather they learned about it from me.

The Indian Peel quilt is beautiful! Easier said than done, but don't worry about those points. I'll bet the judges won't notice either.

xo -E