Hey, all.  I had several requests for video of me quilting last week.  We have the video, it’s just on the treadle sewing machine instead of my Bernina.  But, I watched them this morning and they’re very much what I am doing on the Indian Orange Peel quilt.  These are not new videos.  You may have seen them before. 

This is a series of video, so the first one is stability stitching with a walking foot.  I’ve learned since these were made to have side lighting when I do ditch work.  It casts a shadow from the ridge into the ditch and makes the ditch easier to see.  You can’t quilt the ditch if you can’t see the ditch.  The Teflon sheet is a Supreme Slider.

The beginning

Next, I set the machine up for free motion quilting, just like I do my Bernina.  The feed dogs do not drop in either machine.


Here, I set up the quilt to be free motion quilted.  This is how I fit the quilt into the machine. 


And, here Rob is video taping me doing fmq.  Notice that I am listening to music.  Also, free hand free motion goes much faster than ditch work free motion (and I might have been trying to show off a little by going fast).  If I get off a line in free hand, no one will ever know because the line was only ever in my head.  But, if I get off the line in ditchwork, it’s always there. 



Everybody have a great Tuesday.  Lane


Kay said...

Hi Lane,
I really enjoyed watching your videos! You look like a pro! Great control. I'm just wondering where you found a hopping foot and Teflon pad?

mssewcrazy said...

O my, this is my same treadle machine. I had no idea or never thought about using a short shank walking foot. I've just recently learned to treadle it. For some reason except for the two spool, the same vintage machines that you have are also here. I LOVE the videos and feel that they will be a tremendous help as I have only quilted in the ditch with a walking foot on a bernina 930, a modern bernina and a modern straight stitcher a janome 6500P. I hope to dabble in free motion quilting soon as I have only hand quilted and completed one quilt. It is so awesome to see you do that on the treadle. You are an amazing quilter. Thanks so much for posting the videos.If you don't mind, what is the C shaped foot called and where could I get one for the 127.

Hazel said...

Thanks Lane great video I learn something new every time I watch you free motion .Love the leaves .

Lakegaldonna said...

Thanks Lane!

I saved the videos to watch with my am coffee. I myself don't think I could treadle free motion quilt, too many things to coordinate. I like the free motion leaf that you showed us in the video. Thanks to Rob also for the filming of set up and quilting. Love your blog.