More about the two spool

Yes, I am boring and don’t have anything that’s actually interesting to say.  All I’m doing is quilting back and forth along zig-zag lines on the Indian Orange Peel.  Back and forth.  Backwards and forwards.  Around this edge.  Don’t build up too many layers of thread.  Back and forth.  It’s hypnotizing.

Anyway, thought I’d talk about why I bought the two spool.  LW mentioned it yesterday.  The thing holds a whole spool of thread in the bobbin.  And, like LW, I think running out of bobbin is a pain. 

Here is the spool case (equivalent to a bobbin case in a conventional machine) compared to the singer class 15J bobbin and bobbin case and the featherweight bobbin.


It was made to hold those little wooden spools of thread.  Now, the spool you’re seeing there with the thread stacked on it is not a vintage thread.  I wound that spool on the convenient spool winder attachment.



The one you see was not the first spool I wound.  But, it is the best spool I’ve wound.  It takes some practice because there’s no tension guide.  Your fingers are the tension and the guide and you have to move your hand back and forth to stack the thread on the spool.  But, it gets easier and if I can do it, anybody can.

I had a whole collection of wooden spools that had come to me over the years.  I picked out the emptiest ones that would hold the most thread and will use them with this machine. 


Looking at those spools, you can see that one would hold more thread than the other.  The one with the smallest center was made to hold 125 yards of 30 wt thread.  I use 50 or 60 weight, so it holds a lot more than those yards for me.  Not enough label left on the other one to know what it held. Maybe silk?  125 to 150 yards seems to be a standard length on these spools.  And, the spool was made to hold that length of whatever thread.  Or maybe not.  That’s just me speculating.  Anyway, it’s a heck of a lot more than even those big 15J bobbins that I use in the Bernina.

Have a great day.  Syd is in Health class.  Last night, her homework was to ask me questions about what I thought was appropriate sexual behavior among teens.  I’m so glad I’ve kept a running conversation about what I thought was appropriate with her for about three years, so we had language built up between us on the topic and could talk openly, freely and without embarassment.  But, in class, she had to write what she thought was appropriate and what she thought I’d say was appropriate, and then, what I actually said.  I am very glad to say that all three of those answers were very similar.  I guess she’s been listening well enough to at least parrot back what I say, even if she doesn’t really believe it. 

Even if it makes me gullible, I think she really believes it.  She not a good liar.  And, I get the feeling she makes the boys treat her nice.  That’s all I care about.

I’d hate to have to kick some big ole football player ass, ya know.

Be well.  Have a great Thursday.



Hazel said...

How interesting I've never seen such a thing but it would be great not to have to change the bobbin so often .

Becky said...

Never heard of a 2 spooler. Love the concept....why can't they do that today!

lindaroo said...

A whole spoolfull of thread on top and bottom, why did this ever go out of fashion?
Now, when you are sewing back and forth, are you really sewing backward and forward? Are you turning the fabric? Are you using FMQ and carefully making straight lines in the ditch? What is your technique for getting even stitches, staying close to the seam and not hopping out of the ditch and over the ridge?

lw said...

I checked eBay last night, hoping to find a National, but none of the ones listed were the two spooler. I'm going to set an alert to see if I can find one.

I am hoping that you can get yours to quilt; seems like when I am quilting, I run out of bobbin thread so often that I wind six at a time.

Girls who have parents (especially fathers) who pay attention to them, and hug them, are usually much better at turning down the wrong kind of attention from boys. I think Sydney will be in control of her own life, mostly because you and Rob are such loving fathers.

mssewcrazy said...

I am very interested in the winding of the thread onto the smaller spools feature of this machine and the concept of using a spool instead of a bobbin. I have a bobbin winder,have been meaning to experiment with spool winding as I have a lot of factory cones of sewing thread. Now that I added a coverstitch machine I need 6 cones just for those. I am sitting her wondering if a modern spool like a large or small coats and clark would fit in that cannister. Neat machine, Lane

Rita@PinPrickedFingers.com said...

Every time I sew I wish for someone to invent a whole spool bobbin feed. Why doesn't someone do this for newer machines? It's a genius idea! It's great that you've got a running dialogue with your daughter about sex. You are a good dad!

Anonymous said...

What a good school assignment! And even better that you've been doing the thinking and having the conversations over the years. And best of all that you and Rob demonstrate what love and respect mean. Elle

Elizabeth said...

Having to wind a bobbin mid-seam is so frustrating. Your two-spool is awesome!

I'm glad Sydney expects respect from the boys. The biggest mistake anyone can make is to tell a little girl that a boy is mean to her because he "likes" her. She grows up believing it and settles for less. It's no wonder "nice guys finish last."

xo -E