The National Two-Spool

I haven’t updated you on the two spool in a while.  But, I’ve been slowly and steadily working on her.  I’m not ready to try to quilt with her, even though that’s my eventual intention.  But, I have her sewing a good quarter inch seam and so she’s seeing some use.


She is set into my Mom’s cabinet, which has a shelf she can sit on.  I need a box to fill in the space at the needle end.  The opening in the cabinet is larger than the machine.  But, for now, she’s doing some good piecing work.

I painted her decals back in with gold paint pens and added an electric motor.  Next is to wax her bed, but I’ve waited.  Every so often I find a place I’d like to add some paint and I won’t be able to do that after she’s waxed. 

I had to alter a Griest foot for her.  She doesn’t take the normal foot.  Her needle and her foot post are closer together than other machines.  I had to take the Dremel to this foot and extend the opening in the middle so that the needle had room to clear the foot. 


I have done a good bit of piecing on her.  And, I’m still on my first spool of thread in the bobbin.  I think this machine and I are going to get along really well.  Just need to finish training her up for the real show. 

Be well.  Have a great hump day.  Lane 


lw said...

What a lovely machine. I have to admit, I am definitely jealous when I read "still on the first spool of thread" since changing bobbins all of the time annoys me no end.

I may have to look for one of these, though I am pretty attached to my 301 as a piecing machine.

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful job on the decals!

Those old machines are amazing. They sew through anything. I've wondered about finding one for myself.

xo -E