Spool pin doilies

Bonnie Hunter started this. 

She has several patterns for them on her quiltville website, though I couldn’t find the one I’m using.  But, I’d gladly share it with you if you write me.  Just google spool pin doily and Bonnie, yes, our Bonnie who creates obsession in so many of us, will show up right at the top of the list. 

But, I warn you, they’re addictive.  They’re like a lollipop.  Over quick so you think, why not another?  And, another.  And, another.

I’ve made one for the two spool.


And, I’ve made one for my Grandmother’s 15-91


I’ve made one for each of the featherweights.


And, I suspect I’ll make one for the treadle and the hand crank and the 301.  They don’t take any time (about 25 minutes) and they don’t take any thread.  I’m likely going to ask the lady in charge of the guild boutique if she’d like me to make some to sell at the quilt show this year.  What do you think we could get?  They’re about the size of a silver dollar.  Goodness knows I have a plenty of this size crochet thread.  But, would we get enough money to make it worth my while? 

Everybody have a great Tuesday.  We have yet another late start at school because of ice that didn’t happen.  yippee.



Rebecca Grace said...

Those are ADORABLE! You crochet, too? Is there anything you CAN'T do, Lane? As far as I'm concerned, knitting/crocheting is up there with spinning straw into gold.

We're getting "weather" here in NC, too. No early start, but there are snow flurries right now and they have already announced that it will be early dismissal at 1:15. They want to wait until the roads are ALREADY nice and icy, and THEN have all the parents drive to the school to pick up their kids... :-)

lw said...

I don't crochet, so I'd be likely to buy one. I think you'd need to charge $10-12 to make it worth your time. I'd pay that. They are really cute!

Kay said...

Love your spool pin doilies. Yes they are addictive. I donated some doilies to a church to raise funds for a charity. They sold them for $2.00 a piece. Would you mind sharing your pattern with me? It's different from the pattern I have. Thanks.

Julie said...

i'd gladly pay for one cuz after 15 minutes my hands ache so bad that I don't finish even a spool doily! I think they are adorable!!

Elizabeth said...

My favorite is the yellow one on your grandmother's machine. Those would be great to sell! But as you mentioned, will people pay what they're worth? That's why I never try to sell any of my stuff. I'd rather give it as a gift than try to sell it and feel cheated that I wasn't paid what I am worth.

xo -E

Kathy said...

I love your spool pin doilies! Would you be willing to share your pattern with me. I'd love it for the treadle sewing machine. Thanks!'