A finish!!!

The baby quilt is ready to go into the washer. 


Yes, I know, brown is not a traditional baby quilt color.  But, there ya’ go. 

It is a really pretty quilt and I think the Mom will like it, brown and all.

My bee is making a quilt to donate for sale in the guild boutique at this year’s quilt show.  I need to make two Ohio Star variation blocks and the colors are red, blue, white, and cream.  The center square can be any block I choose. 

Think this one that has an Ohio Star in the center.


Anyway, here is my first red/blue/cream one. 


Okay, honestly, was not sure I was going to like this block when I laid the pieces out.  The colors were dull and I started with cream where I ended with light blue.  The light blue gave it a bit of sparkle.  But, it’s still kind of plain, compared to that one I made in Civil War repros.  But, I really do like the way it came out.  I haven’t even finished assembling it.  I figure, I’ll make a couple more, with different centers and fabrics, and pick the best two for the bee.  The other can go on the back of my red/white/blue quilt that I’m piecing. 

And, finally, some tragic news.  A limb was broken off the maple tree in a windstorm the other night.  The plastic greenhouse fell over on top of the tree. 


So, we’re enjoying some Japanese Maple in the house right now.  I’ve been challenged to turn this photo into a quilt.  I probably could. 

Do I want to?


Be well.  Have a great Friday.  I have a weekend free.  No bees or projects or classes.  I hope to clean my part of the garage.  That’s what one does when one can no longer find the things one owns.  One cleans. 

Or at least this one does.  But, I swear, it has to get to the point of losing something real special in “the pile” for me to get out there and do anything about it.  Does that make me a bad person?

I hope so.  Because I can’t stay up late enough to do much more bad than that.



lw said...

The baby quilt came out very modern, and very attractive! I love the colors. I wish I could see the results of your quilting marathon, my guess is it'll be a lot easier when it comes out of the wash.

Sorry about the tree branch, though it looks lovely in that vase. How did the greenhouse come apart? My japanese maple is just now starting to get buds on it. The last snow is still melting outside. Maybe I should move south.

Anonymous said...

Lane, I think the baby quilt is beautiful and the colors look like a precious little boy. Hope she and hubby will be as proud of their baby boy as we were of ours. Lum

Elizabeth said...

That baby quilt is awesome! And I really, really like your Ohio Star block.

xo -E