I love spring

This time of year, I get to watch my garden practically leap out of the ground.  Things that were just a speck of green yesterday seem a foot tall today.


Where there was brown, now there is green and in some cases, flower. 


My garden is filled with things old and new.


I looked back at pictures from last year on my phone yesterday.  I can hardly stand the excitement, waiting for it to look like that again.


Things that hold the promise of bloom in the heat of summer


And, orange blossoms, smelling so fragrant and trying to draw bees.  Unfortunately, it has bloomed about two weeks early again.  So, I will be out with a cotton swab trying to pollinate the flowers and get citrus in the winter.


And, right now, I have a geranium, so red that the camera can’t pick up the details.  That’s the benefit of a hot house.  Well, that and tomato plants that are 18 inches tall already.


It’s a good day to be a gardener around here.  Hope your good day for gardening comes soon.

This morning, I made 24 more copies of that clamshell shape in tissue paper for the baby quilt.  It’s going to rain this weekend, so I am hoping for a marathon of clamshells, and then I look forward to that quilt being done.  I’m trying to figure out something extremely simple for the border to save time.  There is a such thing as too much quilting for the purpose of the quilt.  And, this baby quilt has gone into overdrive.

Everybody have a great Friday.  We are going to the Georgetown Quilt and Stitchery show tomorrow.  I love that little show and so wish I had gotten my stuff together to enter something into it.  But, I got distracted.  Oh, well.



lw said...

I've never been able to decide whether all of the quilt should have the same amount of quilting-- if some of the blocks are heavily quilted, if the sashing or borders can have noticeably less? I agree that there can be too much quilting for some quilts, baby quilts I tend to go fairly light on the quilting.

We're just now seeing signs of spring-- cardinals have returned, daffodils are starting to bloom-- but we're expecting snow again Tuesday.

How was the Quilt and Stitchery show?

Elizabeth said...

The crocuses, dwarf irises and daffodils are blooming here. Spring bulbs are my absolute favorite. Tulips will be next.

Happy gardening!

xo -E

Vesuviusmama said...

I'm so ready for spring. Enjoy it for me, will ya?