Georgetown Quilt and Stitchery Show

This is always a fun show.  I really enjoy it.  It is the main fundraiser for a group called Handcrafts Unlimited where they teach quilting and other crafts.  No way I can show all the fabulous quilts in one post, so I’ll break it up and give myself something to talk about for a few days. 

This was the first quilt that caught my eye.  This was a large pieced category quilt…yeah, that was correctly categorized. 


But, the show really starts with vintage quilts.  Despite my love of vintage quilts, I seem not to have gotten a picture of one. 

Here are some large hand quilted and large pieced quilts.




This was very fun.


The bottom border is folded under to keep it off the floor. 


It was more crowded this year than it ever has been before and while that was wonderful to see for the organization, not so good for taking pictures. 

I’m going to end up having to do one of these.  I love this pattern. 


Something a bit more modern.



So, we wandered the show and I voted on all my choices.  Each category gets votes and then there is best of show.  We went to the vendors, where i had a couple pair of scissors sharpened and bought a few little things and my group sat down to wait for me.  I joined them and pulled a quilt top out of my bag to take into a booth and see if I could find a backing.  No luck.

I came back out and asked if they were ready to go.  And a lady walked up and asked if I paid for that piece of cinco de mayo fabric I’d just walked out with.

My first assumption was “Oh, CRAP! what I have I accidentally done?”  So, I start digging in my bag and ask what color it was.  I pull out the quilt top, which was the only thing I had in my hands and held it out to her to show her what I had been carrying. 

And, then she accused my friend LD of putting it in her purse.


LD opened her purse and I dumped my bag out on the table and told her it had been a long time since I’d been accused of stealing, but she was welcome to go through my stuff.  I guess people started watching at that point. 

And, the lady started backing away and apologizing and offered me a free fat quarter. 

No thank you.

It wasn’t until later that I learned that when the woman approached me, a man had come up behind me to keep me from being able to run.  That made me even madder. 

Okay, I get business.  I get that people steal.  And, I get how hard it must be to approach someone.  And, I get how hard it must be to do that without seeming aggressive. 

But, you need to understand that mistakes happen, too.  I could have accidentally walked out with a piece of fabric.  It wasn’t two weeks ago, just before I swiped my card at JoAnn’s, that I realized I had a huge spool of thread in my hand that I hadn’t been charged for.  A spool so big that I could hardly have forgotten it was clenched in my fist, except I needed the hand to pull out my credit card.  But, I did forget.  Accidents happen. 

And a smile would have gone a real long way in that lady’s approach.  An assumption of accident rather than an assumption of guilt. 

Everybody have a great Monday.  Lane


Marla said...

Lane, I know the feeling. I had this happen to me in a quilt shop recently. I lay down a 20 and two ones and the shop owner then asked me where the 20 was after she had put it in her cash register. I knew I was right but it was very uncomfortable for both of us.

Kate said...

oh how completely awful. So sorry you were so badly treated. On the positive side, I'm glad to read that LD was with you - glad she is up and about... after some time, perhaps the two of you will be able to look back and reminisce about your career in crime, like Bonnie and Clyde.

Hazel said...

Me to I was wearing a heart monitor under my coat and they nailed me at the door ,I was furious and told them in know uncertain terms to ask before they accuse I was never so embarrassed in my life .

lw said...

The show looks amazing. I get your point about mistakes and being pleasant, but I wouldn't let someone being stupid ruin your day. As Wednesday Addams once said, in response to the question of why she wasn't wearing a Halloween costume, "I'm going as a homicidal maniac. They look just like everyone else." So don't take it to heart. Shoplifters look just like everyone else, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how awful! I can't imagine how you felt. And at your favorite show. Poor LD, on an outing with a shop-lifter. Ha So happy and proud you didn't hit someone. Maybe the lady would have been nicer to the next person she accused. Didn't realize quilters stole! Glad LD was able to go with you. Hope it didn't spoil the remainder of the day. Lum

Mary said...

It is not a good feeling being accused of stealing, and it is surprising how quickly some people jump right to that assumption. Had a dementia patient yesterday accuse us of stealing her shoes and wearing them. It was very hard to respond calmly that these were my shoes and hers were on the bookcase where she had put them.

cindyquiltsOR said...

Grrr ...

Senseless to treat someone like that.

Elizabeth said...

It's kind of ironic that she accused you of stealing and then offered you a free FQ. And all that fuss over a piece of fabric.

xo -E