Overplanned is like overbooked.  As in, something has to give.  Or someone doesn’t get to go. 

I made way bigger plans for the weekend than I could live up to.  And, the chores didn’t get done as I tried my hardest to do it all in the style of all those grandmothers that could squeeze in a full days work before starting lunch, leaving time to crochet during their “stories”.

And all I ended up with is more unfinished projects.  I didn’t work on either of my show quilts.  Instead, I started a donation quilt that I owe the guild and I decided to make clothes.  Three shirts and a pair of pants. 

Right.  Yes, we can all laugh now.  Even I can laugh at the folly of it.  Two of the patterns were new to me and I discovered that I didn’t have a muslin for the other.  So, that’s three muslins before I make the first official garment.

Well, I did accomplish part of it.  I have this hideous lavender muslin stitched in red violet thread.  Perfect muslin and will be packed away with the pattern so I can assess and adjust fit the next time I want to make the shirt.


And, I have this other muslin…thingie.


It’s supposed to be a wearable muslin.  Fell in love with the pattern picture.  Had to have it (starting to thing maybe it was the hunky model).  Even found fabric in the same colors to use in the muslin.  It’s a downloadable Burda pattern.  It printed on 25 sheets of paper that had to be taped together and then the pattern traced onto tissue.  That part was confusing, but I got through it without any swearing. 

And, then I opened the pattern instructions.  Three paragraphs on assembly.  No pictures.  If I didn’t know how to make a shirt, I sure wouldn’t be able to make this one.  It’s only because I know the basics that I’ve been able to muddle through this far.  But, I put the whole collar together this morning and it was way too small for the shirt.  So, I’ll have to cut another one and try again.  Let’s just say that I won’t likely be buying any more Burda downloadable patterns.  I’d heard bad things.  I harumphed in a hauty way.  I was wrong.  I have been taught a lesson on listening.

The good news is that all this was done on the national two spool machine.  This is the first real sewing I’ve done on it.  I still need to work on the foot.  Not sure what I’ll have to do there, maybe just start over.  But, I really like the machine.  So quiet and easy to work with.  The hardest thing is winding the spool for the bobbin.  But, as I practice, I learn. 

I took the hand crank to bee on Saturday.  That was fun.  Most members had never seen one and were fascinated that I could sew a quarter inch seam with one hand while powering the machine with the other.  It actually got real easy after a while and I would catch people staring at me and realize I’d just done something like give the hand wheel a spin and let go so I could use both hands to start a seam.  It’s so well balanced that it will turn three or four stitches before it stops and that’s enough to make sure the thread doesn’t snag or anything weird happen that two hands can prevent.

We saw 12 Years a Slave this weekend.  Great film.  Hard to watch.  At some point, you just get stopped by the graphic violence and start to look at the characters.  Not for the faint of heart.  Even made Sydney cry at the end.

Everybody have a great Monday.  Lane


lw said...

Wow-- that's an amazing project list for one weekend-- especially on top of movies and normal housekeeping stuff. The way I see it, you got through an awful lot. If you don't get too married to the idea of finishing the whole list, it's pretty impressive.

Hazel said...

Wow your weekend was certainly busy .Can't wait to see the movie .

qltmom9 said...

Ugh! Your weekend sounds like a MONTH of projects. And, you had time for a movie!
I can't watch movies like that, or that have sad endings. No fun. I bawl and get a headache.


Elizabeth said...

Tailoring. And bad patterns. Blargh.

Weekends always seem so full of promise, but there is never enough time to get it all done. You made a valiant try at it!

xo -E

Vesuviusmama said...

I'm still reading 12 Years A Slave. I have to keep putting it down. Hubby brought the movie home and watched that even though I haven't finished the book yet. What a visually beautiful movie! It seems like the green shouldn't have been so green when such depravity was taking place in it. It made my heart hurt. Still does when I think about it.

Carla said...

That pattern sounded more like a puzzle. I would have given up.
You're good.