Just keep quilting…

I feel like Dorie in Finding Nemo.  Just keep quilting, just keep quilting.

I had to change quilts on the machine this weekend.  Babies don’t wait for quilters, much to the consternation of the quilters and the relief of the mothers.  I have until mid April to finish this one and it’s not going to be a problem.  Now that I’ve put other things aside and actually gotten to work on it.


Of course, I’m using the same methods in this quilt as I was the Indian Orange Peel, transferring the quilting shape to the quilt with tissue paper, and then tearing the tissue away.  Tedious, but effective.  And, I’m varying the thread color based on the block color. 

Before I took the IOP quilt off the machine, I turned it over and found….oh horrors.  Worse than a vampire.  Worse than a herd of werewolves.  Worse than a fly in the actual ointment.

A tear in my backing.


Sorry, but it’s not a very significant tear and after I colored the batting with a sharpie, I doubt anyone else will ever see it.  I certainly can’t find it again. 

Last week, for our anniversary, we went out to a nice dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.  And, the next day, we took Sydney and a friend of hers to the rodeo carnival where we all ate a tremendous amount of junk food and got badly sunburned.

Rob and I needed the next three days to recover.

But, we did manage a bit of yard work and I did a significant amount of quilting and there was baking and movie watching and the learning of 24 vocabulary words that were not learned earlier, when they should have been. 

We played a game with the words.  We went over them every day.  If she knew the definition, she got to make up the sentence to “use it in a sentence”.  RuPaul’s feather dress was ostentatious.  But, if she didn’t know the word, I got to make up the sentence…Sydney showed ambivalence toward her vocabulary words.  I don’t know if it was because she hated my sentences, but by the end of the week, she could use 21 of the 24 in a sentence.  That will get her a passing grade.  And, she practiced the other three.  She learned emulate because she got tired of me saying “Sydney emulates Lane in the kitchen”.  I do NOT! 

Hey, whatever it takes.

Have a great Monday.  Lane


Rebecca Grace said...

Tear in your backing: Yikes!
Sharpie fix: Brilliant!
...and I LOVE your vocabulary sentences. :-)

Elizabeth said...

OK, so I loved the visual that "worse than a vampire . . . etc." brought up. That made me laugh. But the tear in the backing, not so much.

That baby quilt is going to be amazing. Love what you've done so far.

Glad you had a nice weekend. I worked in the yard & even though it was a little overcast and windy, I still lathered on the sunblock. I *hate* to be sunburned, so I am extra cautious.

xo -E

Kath said...

oh dear that happened to me. Lucky I was able to appliqué a heart over it :-o

Elle said...

You're a clever teacher!

lw said...

I usually whip stitch small tears closed and put a thin coating of a glue called "OK to Wash It" which I like better than fray check. Larger tears get appliques or labels.

I love RuPaul's feather dresses, though they can be ostentatious.