Repeat, repeat, repeat

Ohhhhh, I’m so tired of repetition.  I long for some free motion work. 

I just keep repeating these clamshells.  I made 26 copies of the template out of tissue paper and pinned them, one at a time, to the triangle and quilted along the lines and tore away the tissue. 


I was quilting along, changing thread color so they don’t stand out too much.  I picked one out, wasting my extra copy of the template.  I quilted one in the center of the quilt.  And, I spread it out. 

And, it wasn’t the center of the quilt.  There are 49 of these blocks that have to be filled.  Not 25.

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

So, I understand why Sydney hates it that I started calling vocabulary words last night and she couldn’t tell me the definition.  All that work and she still hadn’t really learned them, though she can recall them after reviewing the flash cards. 

So, she got to write all 24 of them, and their definitions.  5 times each.  Do not mess with the man that quilts.  And, while she did that, I hemmed her choir dress.  Black, floor length skirt.  Four inches too long, five in the back.  One rule, don’t do anything that would be permanent.  So, I hemmed and I hemmed and I hemmed.  Do you know how long the hem of a long skirt is?  Repeat, repeat, repeat.  It took almost as long as writing those vocabulary words.  And, when we were done, we were both in a better mood.

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

This morning, I was very calm and explained that I have a vested interest in her learning these words now.  And, I will not give up until she knows them.  So, she may as well just buckle down and actually learn them instead of this inconsistent recall of them.  I explained that she is going to have to learn to do things she doesn’t want to do.  That’s life.

And, the whole time, I was thinking about how bad I am at repeat, repeat, repeat.

Never give up, never surrender!  As the tree grows, so grows the twig.  Or something like that. 



Rebecca Grace said...

I know what you mean about the repetitive quilting. My sanity saver is listening to NPR or to the BBC World News while quilting. There's no temptation to look up at a screen and get distracted by talk radio, and I even think that my quilting comes out a little better when my mind wanders off to Syria or wherever, letting my hands do the quilting without all of my anxiety and impatience getting in the way.

At least it's a baby quilt and not a King, right? :-)

Elizabeth said...

Life is full of learning. Sounds like you two are doing a good job.

xo -E

Vesuviusmama said...

We're struggling with both our kids not putting forth their best effort in school right now. It is SO FRUSTRATING!!! I'm right there with you.