Really, the last quilts from the show

Okay, I promise, these are the last quilts from the show.  The two categories are machine quilted and special techniques.

This was a lovely combination of applique and piecing.  And, the quilting was phenomenal.

100_6602  100_6607


I love the combination of red and brown. 


This was a fantastic explosion in blue.  Everyone kind of stopped at this one for a longer look.  I didn’t get a very good picture, but look at the paper pieced arcs in the outer border. 


Crazy squares, joined with lattice.  Very nice.  It was an unexpected combination of chaos and order that really attracted me.



Pieced dragonflies.  Very cool. 


This was my other vote for best.  Embroidered blocks…


joined with a garden path sashing…

  100_6615 100_6616

And, the scallops in the border, followed by more embroidery and ending with all those half triangle squares.  I really, really, really liked this one.  The print in the sashing and scallops and triangles is all the same fabric.  It was a great tie together for the quilt. 


In my own quilting, I have finished the binding on the baby quilt and am now correcting mistakes; a couple of places I got out of the ditch real bad and one straight line veers seriously to the left.  My theory is that some days, I have to correct every mistake I make, I just can’t let them go.  That’s just my nature.  But, most days, I can leave them in, knowing that I can fix all I can find at the end. 

It sure does cut down on the number of errors I have to correct because what looked like a terrible error when I was focused on that three square inches of the quilt barely shows up when I look at the finished whole.

I sure hope parenting works out that way.  I’m kind of counting on it being okay in the end.

Have a great Thursday.  I am assembling and proofreading legal documents at work and trying to keep my eyes open.  There is just so much technical writing that I can read in one sitting.  So, I play a hand of solitaire or walk around the building.  And, then I come back to it.  And, I sigh.  And, start reading again.



Kate said...

oh, my dear - you have long ago succeeded at parenting - it's a journey, not a destination... and the beginning is the most crucial part.
I work in university administration - one day I talked with the mother of a prospective student - and she was so proud that her son was entering college. She told me her other son had recently entered prison. My heart ached for her.
You have already "done good"... the rest is just the journey.

lw said...

I've really been enjoying the show quilts, so don't stop on my account. The blue explosion quilt is my favorite today- wow!

I know what you mean about reviewing documents. I usually take a walk between reviews to clear my head.

Kath said...

i've really enjoyed seeing the quilts. The embroidered one is charming, it has a rather old fashioned look.

Vesuviusmama said...

Hi, Lane! It's been a while since I visited - I don't spend much time near the computer since I started the shop in August. I look forward to catching up on your blog, though. Thanks for sharing the quilt show photos!

Elizabeth said...

Hey, I made that dragonfly quilt. Well, not the one in the show, but one like it. It was really fun to do. I enjoyed seeing the quilt show quilt.

Parenting is a tough business. You're doing great.

xo -E