And, then nothing happened.

That was my yesterday.  Nothing much happened.  It was frustrating.

Sydney did good work.  She cleaned my sunroom and left it “sit-able”.  I know, it’s late in the year to be cleaning up from storing plants over the winter.  So.

But, it’s done now and I am looking forward to having time to sit out there.

She also cleaned one of the refrigerators…the soda fridge.  My parents and grandparents always had an extra fridge.  And, so do I.  It can’t be hereditary, but it sure is convenient.

Today, she’s cleaning the main fridge, which will be much easier…I keep it better than the extra.  And, she’s dusting and getting ready to bake cookies to take on vacation. 

This seems to be working out.  She’s doing good work (that I don’t want to do) and she’s making a little pocket money.  She baked bread on Monday.  Who’da thunk it?

And, I’m sitting back, ticking off a list of things I’ve been needing to do for a while. 

Yay, me!

Everybody have a great day.  Today’s new daylily is Charlene’s Patio.


The picture doesn’t do them justice.  They’re very red.  And, white shasta daisies in the background.

I love my garden. 



lw said...

I love your garden, too. Having fresh-baked bread and cookies and a clean house sounds wonderful. Wish I had a Sydney.

Anonymous said...

Can she come here for a week for a week or two? We would love home baked cookies. Love your garden as well as mine. Lots of different dls blooming every day.
My offer still stands. When do you leave and return? lum

Frankie Carson said...

Love the idea of having two refrigerators, ours is always full of drinks in the summer!