A hard working weekend

Remember that pile of fabric I left Syd on Friday?

This is what I got back.


Is she good, or what?

I only had to re-fold a couple pieces.  It was wonderful. 

She wanted a trip to half price books on Saturday and she spent her whole week’s pay on books.  Old fashioned paper printed books.  I love it! 

I spent the weekend on a cleaning jag.  I cleaned in the sewing room and put things away and switched the machines around and turned furniture and vacuumed and picked up a thousand pins. 

And, then I went to the kitchen cabinets; I needed a Goodwill box by this point, and I organized everything and told Sydney I expected it to be kept this way, at least for a while.  And, I understand it won’t last forever…we do live in that kitchen after all.  But, at least try to keep it this way. 

We’ll see.  I’m probably the worst offender, pulling everything out because I need that thing that I only use once a year and keep in the back of the cabinet.

Anyway.  Goodwill will profit from the experience.

I also found time to make a Civil War block by Barbara Brackman.  It’s the one in the lower right.  I’m trying to find a balance of color and not end up with a solid brown quilt.  Not sure I hit that with the purple and gold.  But, it is what it is for now.  I think the purple is too close to the browns and that it would be better if I replaced it with an actual brown.  But, I’ll give it some time and see if it grows on me.


That’s six of twelve.

And, I laundered and blocked the Hawaiian style quilt that I made on vacation.  When I realized I’d get the quilting finished before I got home, I started thinking about how to attach the binding.  I did it just like I normally would, except I marked it with a school ruler and a pencil and cut it with scissors and sewed it on by hand on the front and then the back.  Unusual experience.  Likely explains the foldover binding on most of the hand pieced and hand quilted quilts I’ve collected.


100_7023 .

I enjoyed this and plan to use some of the fabric I bought on vacation 2014 to make another one. 

Okay, everybody have a great Monday. 



Rebecca Grace said...

Your Hawaiian quilt looks beautiful, Lane! I can't believe you sewed the binding by hand. I've never even CONSIDERED doing that before.

I am jealous of your fabric-folding assistant. So far, I'm lucky if I can get my little munchkins to make their own beds and pick their dirty underwear up off the floor... :-)

Have a wonderful day.

Megan said...

I love the Hawaiian quilt, Lane and am amazed that you got the entire project finished so quickly.

Sydney, Australia