A weekend of quilting

Saturday, Sydney’s choir went to a local retirement home to sing and visit and after that, they took a bus/boat tour of the lake downtown. 


For the singing part, they needed to dress casual/nice.  She pulled it off and even got to wear a pair of summer heels.  First time.  She’s growing up.  It’s so fun to watch.

I spent several hours marking and then quilting on the silk quilt.  That’s definitely one that has to wait for inspiration, but when I get it, it comes all in a rush. 

You might have to click this picture to see where I added the feathers above and below the oval with the picture of the house in it. 


Here’s a close up, including some of the background work.


And, Barbara Brackman released the next Civil War quilt block.  This one was hard. 


It’s the one on bottom.  It has a lot of set in triangles and I haven’t done much of that.  But, once I remembered to mark everything with a ruler and then sew along the marked lines and drop pins in to match the points, it got better and went faster. 

I need to start piecing my sashing so I can be ready.  She offered a really complex pieced sashing that I’m thinking of using to join the blocks.  It would be nice if it was done when the blocks are. 

And, I spent some relaxing time in the garden.


This is a really cool triangular shaped bud on a daylily.  This is the second one of these that’s opened.  This one might be called Alabama. 


These next two are orange, but different.

100_6831 100_6832

The top one might be Yabba Dabba Doo and the other is a common orange called Ditch Orange.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Tomorrow, it’s off to Cleveland.

Be well.  Lane


Pam said...

Your work is gorgeous! I love it! What a beautiful daughter:) Thanks for posting about your weekend!

Becky said...

Everything is beautiful! Beautiful Sydney, beautiful quilting, beautiful flowers!!

Have a safe, quick trip!!

Lakegaldonna said...

Sydney looks great! Fun to see them grow in all ways.
Love love how the silk quilt is maturing too.

Safe travels and hope there's a little fun too. Which one did you decide to take?
Hexies or a book for the plane, I would take both.

Barb H said...

Amazing quilting on your silk house piece! Every time you post a picture of it, it looks better and better. But then again, isn't that how it's supposed to be? LOL

lw said...

Those feathers are perfect.

Sydney looks so pretty and happy, she's like one of the beautiful flowers in your garden.

Anonymous said...

The yellow triangle is BIG SIS, not ALABAMA. Will have to get mine renamed so I can rename yours. My offer still stands.
ALABAMA has a gold eye. lum