Pick one

One of these piles of fabric cost me $10 for the whole pile.  The other pile cost considerably more.


Can you tell which is which?  I’ll give you a hint.  I wouldn’t be asking if the answer was logical.

When we were on vacation, I picked up a couple pieces of fabric in a thrift shop.  Then, a couple more.  Then, I found bags of fat quarters, some uncut, some with just a square cut out of the corner.  Those bags also had half yard cuts, and small scraps.  One bag was yellow and one bag was brown, and I passed on several other bags because I wasn’t smart enough to recognize what was inside them.  And apparently neither was the antique shop owner, or she’d have charged more than $4 per bag.  There were probably five yards of fabric in each bag and it was all new…like quilt shop quality, new prints and new fabric.  It wasn’t even dusty and had never been laundered.  WHAT A BARGAIN!

One of Syd’s chores is to wash all this, now that I have serged all the raw edges.  Wash, dry and fold.  I’m paying by the load.  Plus, there’s a bonus because so many of the fabrics are small pieces and they have to be folded in a certain way so they fit my storage system.

She says she’s up to that.  Personally, I’d have demanded a higher price for all that folding. 

She probably will, too, next time.

It’s Friday.  I have a long list of things I’d like to accomplish this weekend.  Tons of stuff.  With these piles of fabric out, there is finally room in the sewing room to start putting things away.  This morning, I started unpacking and making piles of stuff; one for the closet, one for my backpack, one for the office and on and on.  And, we have to start taking photos of my machines for a speech I’m giving at a local quilt guild in July about how I use my vintage machines in my quilting.

And, with all that, I need to get back to quilting my quilts for the show. 

If a busy boy is a happy boy, then why is an overwhelmed boy so…well, overwhelmed?

Be well.  Have a great Friday.  As I clean, I’ll try to share so that everyone can realize that we all have the same problem in our sewing rooms…at least most of us.  I know, I know, there’s one in every crowd that can keep a work area neat.  I see you there, in the back and to the right of the crowd.  No need to brag. 

I’m not that one.



Becky said...

It's not me, either!!! hahaha

Anonymous said...

It certainly isn't me. I spotted the fabric pile right off. Glad you struck the fabric gold mine in Ark. Sydney is really learning how to be a homemaker. Hope that is not her life's ambition. That is what I was, good or not, and it doesn't pay retirement! lum

lw said...

I used to luck into fabric finds at Goodwill from time to time when I was younger. Sure helps with the cost.

Wish we lived closer, Sydney would have as much work as she wanted, especially if she likes organizing sewing rooms.

Kath said...

Oh I'm too jealous bear to read this Lane LOL
Fabric is so expensive here in England, that we never see it for sale in the charity shops. People even sell their scraps on Ebay.