Oops! You missed it.

I wrote the most wonderful blog post yesterday.  It was a long one and all about me and what I accepted about myself while I was at my conference this week, especially stuff about me being burned out and needing an attitude shift at work and about feeling more self confident and willing to put “me” into the things I do.  Unfortunately, just as I was finishing, my laptop battery wend dead and without a warning, it was all lost.  All I could do was close the laptop and walk away, thinking about the things I was  not saying and doing.

Last night, I got a wakeup call because I let that self confidence come across as aggression, so I’m feeling a bit more tempered this morning.  A bit more willing to accept that some times, you need to think about what the other person is feeling.  Anyway, it happens sometimes that I need to see both the good and the bad of a new feeling to figure out how I should act. 

The trip was good.  Most of the conference was the same old, same old.  But, there were some great moments that I really enjoyed (okay, so secretly, the best moment was watching two of the most masculine men I know walk up to one another and do that handshake, shoulder crash, single pat on the back thing that really masculine men do with one another when they say hello…whooooeeee!)

Another great moment was in the Atlanta Airport on the way home and finding a restaurant called Paschal’s that sold soul food…okay, so soul food gets it’s name because it is food that is good for the soul and those black eyed peas and candied yams and mac and cheese and fried okra did wonders for my tired soul that night.  I asked the server if the cornbread was sweet cornbread or real cornbread and she looked me straight in the eye and smiled…she knew what I meant…and she said, “it’s not sweet.  It’s just like the cornbread my Mama used to make.”  We definitely shared a moment there. 

But, as all conferences go, that one went. 

I came home and couldn’t wait to sit down at the silk quilt and express myself with thread. 


I did the same this morning, but I had a bobbin tension problem and all today’s work had to be picked out.  Dooo-dooo.

The yard was smiling for me.




And, I came home to squishy mail.  Dang Peter.  It’s his fault.  He bought a union suit and when I saw it, I thought, hey, I might be able to rock that.  So, I went in search of a pattern. 


I paid more for this pattern than I’ve ever paid for a vintage pattern before.  When I showed the picture to Rob, he was quite confused about why I’d want it…and then I saw it dawn on him that he might rock this garment, too.

I agreed.  Not for every day.  But for once in a while.

Everybody have a great Friday.  Work is ever so busy as I try to catch up from my days away.  That’s the trouble with travel.  It’s all waiting for you when you get back.



Pam said...

I'm sad I missed your "deleted" post! But, this is a very good one. I've been to Pascals in the Atlanta Airport and it's always a highlight of my trip from the West. I am looking forward to a layover in Atlanta in July, in fact. Love the pattern!

Hazel said...

Oh no all the beautiful free motion picked out ,I would have cried .I only pray one day I can be half as good as you .

Anonymous said...

Glad you are home. I've missed your blog. My grandfather used to wear union suits like the pattern. .So sorry you had to pick out all that work. If you will get rid of those plain yellow dls, I'll send you more colorful ones. They are abundant today. Makes me want to walk up and down in front of the dl beds. lum

Kate said...

I don't know what I love more - the food at Paschal's, or the ladies that serve the food. It's my favorite travel place. Glad you found it.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Lane, Could you please tell me how to start a blog? I want it to be about me, our dogs, gardening, etc. Thanks for the help.

Becky said...

Glad you are home safe and sound. Will you share with us a picture of you in your union suit????!!!! :)

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I wish my SO had the self awareness you exhibit. You try, you may fall short, but you try. I can respect that.

Coloradolady said...

Oh, Lane...I wish my husband would agree to wear that union suit! I love that pattern!!! and I agree with Becky....we will certainly want a picture!! Great pattern, I am surprised you had no trouble finding one! I think the shorts would be great too, they really look like they would be comfortable!! Your meal at the airport sounds amazing....perfect food for the soul! Have a great weekend....missed you this week!

lw said...

I'm also sorry I missed the accidentally deleted post.

I have been picking out about 4-6 inches of thread for each line of thread I'm putting in a denim picnic quilt. It's just so heavy that it stalls and then jumps as it goes under the presser foot and I get wobbles or stitches that are too long-- and this is with a walking foot. So I feel your pain. On the other hand, your silk quilt is a prize winner in the making, so any time you put into it is good time.

I am also wondering if you will be modeling the union suit for us. (-;

Rebecca Grace said...

Your silk quilt is just BREATHTAKING! And I admire your high standards and willingness to unpick stitches when they don't meet your expectations. I confess that I still generally choose backing fabrics with the idea of "hiding" mistakes that I'm too lazy to rip out.

The union suit thing I can't relate to; I have no desire to wear Edwardian undergarments, but that's probably because women's undergarments in those days were like steel cages, intentionally sized much smaller than one's rib cage, and designed to force the spine into a scoliosis curve. No, thank you -- I'll take Victoria's Secret to Victorian Torture any day of the week. But I'll be interested to see how your and Peter's reproductions turn out.