And, they all arrived home safely

At some point of Thursday, when Syd was feeling angry at me in the museum again, and I was trying desperately not to scratch at my chigger bites in public, I realized that I was fully saturated with vacation.  Anytime anyone would say “what are we going to do today?”, I’d cringe. 

It seemed we had done it all, but still, we found things to fill the time.  At the end, we ended up together at the pool and the Innkeeper and Stableman came out for a chat.  That was very nice.  Clouds rolled in and a few spats of raindrop, but very cool and breezy and enjoyable.  And, then it blew over and we dressed for our last dinner. 

On Friday night, we went for “Fine Dining”, which we try to do once every trip.  We tried someplace new and the service was fantastic, but there was a big plop of bird poop on the window right next to us and the flatware wasn’t shiny and I scraped something off my knife.  And, the food wasn’t very good.  Oh, well.  The Innkeeper loves the place, so maybe we were just there on a bad night.  I know they were hosting a wedding reception later that evening, so maybe that’s where the best chef was focused…cuz mine was good, but they poured a sauce over it that tasted like dirty socks.

We shopped for antiques and we shopped for jewelry and we shopped for fabric and every afternoon, at least some of us ended up at the pool.  Sydney got to ride horses every day, except museum day, so she was happy. 

And, after 9 hours in the truck yesterday, I think we were all very glad to get out and stretch our legs.  Unpacking can take as long as it takes as far as I’m concerned.  We had stressful traffic from Dallas, nearly all the way to Austin, and I did my best to joke with Rob and give him the chance to vent, while he dealt with large transport trucks and road construction and terrified drivers trapped in it with us. 

Today, I’m off to work.  I spent my quilting time serging about 8 miles of fabric that I bought…most of it used and dusty, so I can wash it.  And, last night, I ordered the piece that the quilt shop didn’t have to finish the Christmas kit we bought in Branson.  We went out for Chinese so we wouldn’t have to wash dishes.  Before we left, Rob said “Hey, let’s go out to dinner.  We haven’t done that in a while.”  My funny man.

I want to write the instructions for how to avoid chiggers down on paper and store it with the stuff we take because the things I always believed about chiggers are not true.  I got them from walking in the freshly mown grass, 5 feet back and forth to the grill.  Next year, we pull over in town and spray with repellant before we get into any grass, and we will apply fresh repellant every 4 hours until we leave for home. 

Have a great Monday.  I’m off to the job.  Pictures to follow.  Hopefully. 

Oh, Rob showed us the video he took on vacation.  Lots of Mable and me, and for some reason, Sydney hiding in the background.  Go figure.



lw said...

Sounds like a good vacation-- and don't they all end that way (except the ones that involve an airport before the traffic?)

Don't know if it works on chigger bites, but I bought a heat pen last year that works on mosquito bites. You press it to the bite and let it heat up, and count off the seconds. It's never gotten hot enough to burn me. Heat breaks down the proteins in the bite that make you itch. I got it off amazon, and as I recall it was cheap.

Sandy Beach Sewing said...

Last year I got chigger bites at my daughter's house. I searched high and low and tried all kinds of crazy things, but the one that worked was Listerine. You put the Listerine in a spray bottle and spray it one. Takes away the itch almost right away.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are all home safely. Sounds like a great time was had. Now back to the real world and work. Thankfully we don't have any "redbugs". We might have some tomorrow, but not today. Looking forward to the pictures. lum2

Lakegaldonna said...

Glad you are all home safe.
I loved reading your posts while you were on vacation, thanks for all of them.

Becky said...

Happy you are safely home. And I know what you mean....I love to travel and will go anywhere at the drop of a hat....BUT, there is nothing quite like being in one's own nest!!