Where did that day go?

Yesterday just flew by.  I was ahead of schedule, then behind, then ahead again, and then the day was over and I was wondering how I spent it.

Last night was Guild Board Meeting.  Working with the board is truly different than I expected.  I thought it would be like one of the meetings at work, where everyone is required to be polite and professional.

The board I observed is the outgoing board, not the board I will be serving on, so I did not feel free to say anything.  But, I would not want to be the one that speaks to me like I heard them speak to one another last night.  Fortunately, as secretary, I won’t likely be involved in controversy. 

Anyway, the only quilting stuff that happened was some binding got sewn on by hand.  But, there is something new in the garden.


This daylily is called Majestic Pink.

And, I realized this morning that I’ve never shown my gnome garden that I started this year.


I’ve had the gnomes for years and they’ve hung in my kitchen windowsill on flower pots.  But, now they have their own little place to look like they’re busy.  Mistakes were made and this is not the final form that it will take.  But, for a first try, it looks pretty cool.  Some things didn’t like the new arrangement and promptly died and I’m not buying any plants until after vacation.  I stress about how my plants are surviving for the week without me and I don’t need more of that. 

Sydney started her job yesterday.  She’s working for me, doing all the things I don’t want to do around the place.  I leave her a list in the morning and she knocks it out during the day.  She starts by cooking me breakfast and cleaning up after that.  This morning, she overslept, but when I woke her, she jumped right to it.

She handed me her time card last night where she kept up with when she started and stopped each task.  I said I didn’t need that much detail, just a total of the hours, but she said this was the only way she could do it, so that’s fine.  The work isn’t hard, and I’m building up to harder and more complex tasks as I figure out what she’s capable of doing and understands.  And, at the same time, I hope I’m being professional enough and teaching her what it is to be responsible and earn money. 

I keep telling myself, be a good boss.  My first boss was kind of belittling and I definitely want to avoid that. 

Everybody have a great day.  It’s Tuesday.  Just a few days til vacation.  The house sitter is excited.  She will close her apartment and move into our little house for the week.  She really looks forward to that and thinks of it as a bit of a vacation, too.



Becky said...

Love the gnomes!! Whistle while you work and all that stuff....
Sydney will do a great job for you this summer, I'm cheering for her!!

lw said...

Your quilting board reminds me of an episode of "Dirty Jobs" where Mike Rowe was making blueberry pies; the group of volunteers doing the baking were split between two factions-- the deep-dish, extra sugar, sugar in the crust group and the regular dish, just sweet enough and normal crust group. The ladies were sniping at each other on national TV. Yikes. Seems like if the pie-recipe group was split, you'd see a similar split in the pie-eating public. Viva la difference!

Hope Sydney enjoys her new job, and you enjoy the results.

Carla said...

Your little gnome garden looks good to me.
I love your idea of having her work for you for a living.
Sounds like you've already raised her right. She sounds pretty responsible.

Hope you're having a wonderful day.