Time for something new

I admit it, I am about the most un-tech savvy person in the whole world.  I’m not ashamed of it.  I get stuff set up like I want it, and I want it to stay that way until I get ready for something else. 

But, the world doesn’t work that way.

Nor should it.

Recently, ATT/Yahoo made changes to their platforms.  I hate the changes.  Really.  It’s ruining my whole internet experience to use their software for email and for my homepage.  And, when I sent feedback, they responded and told me to stop complaining and start submitting valuable feedback.  I kid you not.  So, I’m looking around.  Right now, I’m testing Google.  Google and I have a similarly bad relationship, for a platform update they did not long ago, so they’re on probation.  And, if at any time I don’t like it, I’ll move on.

And, my laptop battery is shot.  How many people are going to have to tell me to unplug my laptop before I actually listen and learn.  It’s bad for the battery to leave the laptop plugged in all the time.  The battery needs to run down and recharge.

Obviously more people will have to say it than have said it already.

Without a battery, a laptop is only a bit more portable than a desktop.  That was creating a problem.  I love my laptop and don’t want to replace it.  My life is on it.  But, a battery is an expensive investment.  Especially with the portability of my iphone.  So, last night, I bought a tablet.  I’ve been studying them for over a year, knew what I wanted and when the salesmen tried to get me what I asked for, neither of them had it in stock.  Their loss.  Amazon to the rescue.  My new tablet will be here tonight and I’ll have more portability than my laptop provides with the convenience of a keyboard.

Probly would have been cheaper to try to find a keyboard for my iphone, but really, I can only move forward technologically so fast at one time or I’ll get overwhelmed and frustrated.  I’m not going there.  Buying a new electronic device should be a fun experience.  But, for me it’s stressful as all get out.  I can remember sitting and cussing and cussing and sitting and sitting and cussing when I was trying to set Sydney’s up a couple years ago.  That made me want to scream!  But, this time is for me and I have all of vacation to get used to it and am not going to let myself stress about it.  I want it to be fun, for the first time.  I’ve never had the luxury of having working devices that I could fall back on when I run into trouble setting a new device up and I’m hoping that will make all the difference..  I’ll be taking the laptop (with a cord), the tablet, and the iphone.  Just call me Johnny-tech-savvy. 

Now, this tech is much more my speed.


This is my Kenmore 117, aptly named Ken Moore.  Because he had to be.  I bought him the year before our first vacation to Arkansas from a guy that lived there, and negotiated with the seller that he keep the cabinet until we came and could pick it up.  So, he’s in his original cabinet. 

Ken and I had a huge fight the other night when we were trying to sew a binding to a quilt.  Oh, we argued and fussed.  We finally got the binding on, but not before we broke three needles. 

A couple days later, I figured out what was wrong.  When I started to tell Rob, who had heard all the fussing on Sunday, he asked if Ken was “set to stupid”.  And, I confessed that no, he wasn’t, but I was.  I opened Ken up to oil him on Sunday.  He’d been stored a while.  He doesn’t just have a cover on the left end, above the needle.  The whole end of the machine comes off, and I removed it and oiled all the moving parts.  And, somehow, when I was putting it back on, I managed to leave a screw loose.  Subsequently, the whole end of the machine was able to move just a fraction, so when the thread got in a bind, the end of the machine would tilt backward, without me noticing, and when the needle came down, it did not hit the hole. 

It’s very embarrassing to know that I was that upset at Ken when I was the real cause. 

Ughhh.  And, I’m going to put a new electronic in my hands.  Isn’t that just asking for trouble?

Everybody have a great Thursday.  We’re counting down the days to vacay.  Rob brought in the tubs for us to load our stuff into.  My clothes are ironed and I could be on the road tomorrow, if I needed to.  I really could.  Just somebody tempt me.  I can do it.



Lakegaldonna said...

Oh boy a new tablet! Hope it does what you need it to do.
I also am more comfy with a regular computer be it a laptop or desk model.
BUT.........I received an iPad a year or so ago and I really love it. I find I don't really need a regular laptop so on a daily basis I use the tablet. It's so quick! I walk by it, open the cover and check mail instantly, weather radar check instantly, google a map or something else instantly.
On the down side there are a few things I can't do on it or maybe I'm not that tech savvy to do so I have to go back to the laptop. The whole cloud thing kinda makes me mad at times with this device but I manage.

Hope you all have a wonderful vacation! Safe travels and hope you can do some posts along the way.

Bonnie said...

I had to laugh when I read the name of your machine. We have a guy named Ken Moore in our town. He is in the construction business, just like your Ken.

Rebecca Grace said...

Ken Moore is AWESOME! My son Anders thinks that sewing machine looks like the Batmobile. Now he's looking askance at his own Featherweight with the girly scroll decals...

Good luck with your new tablet. I know what you mean and I agree, buying a new device can be VERY stressful until you have it all set up and working the way you need it to work. I recommend adult beverages while setting up new electronics. I personally am much less likely to throw the new computer/phone/remote control out the window if I am sufficiently mellowed by the fruit of the vine. ;-)

Nancy said...
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Nancy said...

I believe to several Yahoo groups for antique/vintage French dolls of which I have become quite fond, also in creating wardrobes for them from the 1000+ patterns (all in French of course). I have not been to the groups more than half a dozen times since the format changes. We were basically told "suck it up and shut up" and that the changes were made to suit the upwardly mobile world who use Smart phones and the like to visit the web. It is a new woman in the company who came up with this "brilliant" idea and I wish they knew how much it is hated. If ever another format happens that comes even close, and resembles the old way, people will leave in droves. It is hateful and I truly miss the way it used to be. It is impossible to right click and save photos now, even with the little download arrow. Whole groups of the population are being left out, as they are in almost every magazine where it says "for full recipe or complete instructions, visit our website at ******.com. I live in a senior complex with 137 apartments and maybe 150 people. Just 5 of us have computers and even know what the internet it, but the rest are complaining that even their magazine subscriptions are leaving them out. So sad. (I will now get off my soapbox, promise).