What lovely weather

Who can sew when there is so much to see outside.  We’re having lovely weather, cool mornings, warm afternoons.  It’s humid from all the rain we’ve gotten lately, and the mosquitoes are back, but if you don’t stand still too long, it’s really pleasant out.  And, every day when the temp is in the 80’s is another day that it won’t be in the 100’s this year.  Ya’ gotta celebrate that every day.


A white daylily.


The garden is changing colors.  Right now, it’s heavily orange and yellow from the heavy daylily bloom.  But, as that set of daylilies fades, white flowers start to appear.


Green daylily.  Yes, I know, it’s technically yellow, but such a light yellow as to appear green.


Peach daylily (Mom, is this one Peaches?)


But, I’m starting to see purple.


And, pink.

And, the red daylilies have put up scapes.  In summer, the colors are pink, purple and red.  Those are the colors that my most heat tolerant plants bloom; the plants that stand tall when the temp is over 100 and the rains have stopped. 

The season of roses.


Everybody have a great Friday.  Next week, I’m in Cleveland, so not sure how much blogging there will be.  Still trying to decide if I should take finger work or a book on the plane.  Finger work sure is calming and I have that hexie project that is never going to end. 

Be well.  Lane


Frankie Carson said...

what a beautiful garden! I think if my garden looked like that I'd be in it every day

Kath said...

I have that hexie project that is never going to end.

LOL me too, Lane.

Your garden looks very colourful, I particularly like your lilies.

lw said...

Hope everything goes well in Cleveland. I really enjoyed Rob's video of your garden.