Quiet is good

All is quiet around here.  I’m not always sure what to make of that or whether I need to do anything about it.


Even the garden is quiet.  It is preparing for an explosion of bloom.  The last of the iris are dying back and the roses need deadheading, but May is daylily month and the scapes and blooms abound, just waiting to fatten up and open. 


But, mostly, the garden is green today.


I guess I’m a bit of an excitement junkie and I miss having a new project to start. 


But, I need a rest and then I need to get back to my projects in progress.  Just like my garden needs a few days to rest before it explodes again.  And, the green days make me really appreciate the days full of color and bloom.

This weekend, I might pull out a UFO and quilt it real quick to donate to the guild silent auction.  I have a couple of nice tops that I could part with and they’re begging for donations.

Everybody have a great Friday.  We are elevating a project today, so it will definitely be a busy day for me.

And, then two days to rest/quilt/do chores.




Kath said...

such an exciting time on the garden, I am finding something different every day.

lw said...

Spring is at the point where there is green on all of the trees now, even the late ones, that light yellow green of new leaves is everywhere.