Something new

One of you recognizes this.


A friend started this and has asked me to contribute as well.  I’m very flattered.  Her stitches are dang near perfect and I’ve learned that my hand quilting relies more on tiny stitches than consistent length of each stitch.  So, I’m taking it slow and working on consistency and trying to reproduce her work as closely as possible.  She had already started quilting in the borders and I’m finishing that first, while I take some time to get to know the quilt and decide what to do in the blocks.  I love hand quilting, but my hand quilting project is way too big to work on in summer.  This is small enough that I can ball it up in my lap and focus on what is in a small hoop and just quilt away. 

I got a few questions about the afghan from yesterday’s post.  Yes, it is big.  Four feet by Six feet.  240 hdc stitches per row.  I could do one row in 20 minutes.  And, I worked on it almost every night, during family time, for 5 weeks.  The gold was a terrible sweater I knit for myself several years ago and hated and balled back up and used in this afghan, so it went to a good purpose after all.   The other colors were from here and there, all different yarns and slightly different weights that went together nicely.  Idle hands are the devil’s workshop, so I never let mine be idle, I guess.  Not to mention, the other night, I was between projects and tried to just sit and watch TV and fell promptly to sleep.  Somehow, I think sleeping during family time might be frowned on.

Have a great Wednesday.  We’re halfway to the weekend.  Just a few more weeks until the end of school.



lw said...

What a pretty little sampler-- it will be more meaningful to do it round robin. I have a quilt that was one of nine that my girlfriends and I all made blocks for, I treasure it.

I rarely hand quilt. I made a quilt for my best friend Mary and hand quilted it, I think it was the second or third quilt I made back in the eighties. I hand quilt most of my doll quilts, especially if they're miniature, and I use flannel (or nothing) for batting to get the scale right on the fold/drape, so it's easy to get tinier stitches.

I'm glad I'm not the only one to hate something I knitted and pull it apart. Good to see yours came out great in the end.

Anonymous said...

Love that little quilt.
I do have Nanny's quilt frames,(dbl or larger) if you are interested. lum