Guess who’s a good little quilter

Ellie, the Elna Supermatic, that’s who.


She did a great job quilting my red, white and blue donation quilt.  This seemed like the right weekend to quilt a red, white and blue quilt. 


We knocked it out in just a few hours on Saturday morning.


And, she was a real trooper.

It was a busy weekend.  I started off by quilting this quilt before noon on Saturday and then I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish over the weekend that was long.  I did almost everything.  Then, I collapsed and did a bunch of hand quilting.

One of the things I did last week was finish the setup of the Two Spool machine.


This is not a good photo, but it’s the bottom of the motor and the L bracket that attaches the motor to the table.  And, yes, that is a rubber band.  This is a new, but relatively inexpensive motor.  The power cord won’t stay in the plug, so I’ve rigged up this rubber band that keeps it plugged in.  It does not in any way interfere with the safe operation of the motor.

Even though it was a cheap motor, it has as much power as this machine can stand.

I’ve even added a temporary light, one of those LED things you can get at JoAnn’s.  It didn’t work out where it started, so now it is here.  But, I have another black, crook neck lamp that might replace it.


I cleaned everything this weekend.  I even cleaned the vacuum cleaner.  And, I repaired and degreased the grill, a job that took hours, but the steak I grilled on it for lunch was so worth the effort.  We were at that point where we invest a few dollars in repair and some hours into cleaning, or we buy a new grill.  I made the right choice.  There’s lots of other things I can do with the money I’d have spent on a grill.

I stayed busy to avoid looking at this. 

This empty space is staring at me, mocking me.


Next up on the silk quilt is the border and corners.  What to do, what to do, what to do… 

Actually, I’ve decided on leaves in the background, now I just need to pick something for the border, so I’ll know how much space to fill with leaves.  And, then the dreaded job of finding the square of it.  One of the big things all the judges for this year’s show specified is that the quilt should hang straight.  The red one didn’t quite, but the hanging sleeve made it look like it did.  I’m going to try to be more careful on this one, now that I know what to look out for.  Before I can find the square, I have to find the center again. 

We’re going to need a bigger ruler…

Have a great Tuesday.  Hope your Memorial Day was a good one.  We watched war movies all weekend.  And, I cleaned house.  And, we listened to the rain.  Hours and hours of delightful rain in the middle of our drought.  Let it rain, let it pour, I’ll sit in the chair and snore.

Or find some hand quilting to do while I watch it through the dining room window, like I did yesterday afternoon.  I’m easy.  I can find something to do in the rain.



lw said...

I'm glad that the Elna quilts well. That red, white and blue quilt came out beautifully.

My favorite war movie is "The Best Years of Our Lives." Makes me tear up every time.

Don't rush the intuition on what to put in the border, it'll come to you when it's ready.

mssewcrazy said...

Don't know if it'd work for your plug on the two spool but the new fan shaped one I put on the ken more rotary would vibrate out . I bent the prongs slightly and the tight fit put a stop to that. I was so frustrated I was ready to hit the thing with a sledge hammer. Before I tweaked the blades on the plug, I had taped it in there. Nice elna and quilt.