Garden time

It was a wonderful weekend to be in the garden.  Cool mornings that gave way to breezy afternoons.  And, I took full advantage of it. 

This bloomed.  The daylily is called Bernina.  And, what a showy flower for such a fantastic name.  My Mom bought it and gave it to me because I quilt with a Bernina.


I know this daylily is yellow, but it’s so pale, it looks green.


I had a couple of blooms from it this weekend.

Rob put these blue pots in hangers that we bought on vacation last year on our front porch.  They have purslane in them that should drape over the edges very nicely.



And, of course, there was time for quilting.  You’ll need to click these to see the detail, but the silk house has a lawn and a frame now.


For the lawn, I did a free motion zig-zag.  I set my machine to the widest zig it would do and just went to town, leaving some spaces open.  I had to use a hoop for this because the zig-zag pulled the fabric in, but that was okay.  It looks so much like grass, I can hardly believe it.  Next is reinforcing the lines between the grass and all the other stuff.  Hopefully, that won’t be too much.


That means I’m out to the corners.  And, again, I am undecided.  But, something will come to me.  I pulled out three ideas yesterday and none of them made me swoon.  It’s a good thing I started this early.

Everybody have a great Monday.  I’m looking forward to a couple days off work this week.  Found time is like found money.  It must be spent.



Anonymous said...

The silk is going to be a keepsake. Doing a great job. We have several dls blooming. Can't wait for full bloom. lum

lw said...

Wow! The lawn looks terrific, both in the back yard and on the silk quilt.

Not sure what I'd do for the part of the silk that's outside the oval border. I would be tempted to keep it strictly realist as the actual house portion, though, and not change styles. You could put anything there, though, from places you all go during the day, to stars above and earth below. But it'll keep until you have the idea that does feel right.

Piece by Piece said...

Love the day lily, such a delicate colour. It will be awhile before my bloom.
The front door and hanging pots....looks fantastic, so inviting.
Your silk house is looking great, you wouldn't want anything too overpowering in the outside portion as it would take away from all of the details of the house. Knowing you, you will find something that is just perfect for that area.

Elizabeth said...

The Bernina is seriously gorgeous. I love daylilies.

Thinking of you today and hoping everything went well.

xo -E