Thou shalt not waste the weekend

It’s like another commandment for me.  There is so little time during the week.  What with work and that pesky need to sleep a third of the day. 

Rob was sick last week.  He had the most severe case of food poisoning I’ve ever witnessed.  And, I stuck it out, right here with him and Friday, he was better enough that I could go to the office, where I had the most stressful day trying to catch up.  Anyway, I had some feelings I needed to work out with some physical work and I needed to accomplish.  Not anything in particular, just accomplish things. 

Anyway, I tried the purple swag on the mini quilt and I didn’t love it.


So, I tried the gold.  And, I didn’t love it.


And I asked Rob and he agreed with me.  No swag.  Save that area for fancy quilting.


So, the mini quilt top is finished.  Ta-da!

That left me with a lot of weekend to kill.

I quilted.


I decided to put the blue door in the house quilt.  I showed this to let you see half of the threads that need to be buried in order to put in the door.  I did it in the blue that matches the color of the door.  On the brown silk, it looked pastel.  I picked it all out.  I tried it again, using less fill, and it looked really baby blue, so I went over it with the dark blue.  Then, it looked sloppy, so I picked it out.  Then, I tried it with just the dark blue.  I got it all done, even burying the knots.  And, I picked it all out. 

So, I put it in with the brown thread, and I love it.  It’s just right.  Unfortunately, it took all day on Sunday.



I also put in the tree limbs above the roof.  And, I did all the other little details.  I even moved the mailbox.  I picked it out and I drew it in and quilted it in a different place.

It needed it.


And, now I’m down to the grass.  I have some good ideas.  Just need to get out a practice piece and see how it looks.

Okay, well, that’s it for me.  I got other stuff done, like 5 hours of hard yard work.  That really works out the issues for me.  So, I’m starting the week off fresh. 

Everybody have a great Monday.  Lane


lw said...

I agree about the swag, it kind of takes over the quilt. I think the scale is off or something.

I also agree about the blue door, it looks more subtle and right in the brown.

I'm not sure what your issues were, but my husband got sick three times in January, including a bout of kidney stones. He never gets sick, so this was sort of a wake up call for me that he's as human and frail as the rest of us and one day I could lose him. Yikes!!!

Laura said...

I agree about not using either of these swags. A more delicate (thinner) swag might have worked better, but leaving it off entirely works too.

qltmom9 said...

Rob may have some rebound issues from the food poisoning. Make SURE he drinks water plentifully and stays well hydrated. And, a fresh fruit salad would be good for him soon. Coming off a rough food poisoning is like coming off a fast...take it slow.

Anonymous said...

That you are so willing to un-stitch is somehow comforting to me. Better to re-sew (compulsively?) than ever after to put up with something you don't like. On the other hand, I have been known much later to wonder aloud what it was I hadn't liked.

Food poisoning or that noro-virus?


Becky said...

Yep! No swag! Sometimes things just don't look like we think they will. I must admit, I thought the swag was going to be a hit.....but Rob is right.

Hope Rob is all recouped and back to normal.

Elizabeth said...

I had to work this weekend. Well, Saturday, anyway. I was none too happy. It makes the weekend too short. So I'm pretty grumpy today, too. And I feel like I need a nap.

Good choice with the mini quilt. And the silk quilt looks amazing.

xo -E

Elizabeth said...

P.S. Get Rob some probiotics. He'll thank you later.