First Day Jitters

It’s the first day of school.  And, boy am I gonna miss my little chore monkey.  I started doing my own chores again this weekend and I already miss her being home all day, every day.

She’s a little nervous; first day hair, first day makeup, first day clothes.  Apparently, everybody dresses good the first day and then you can “trash out” after that if you want.  But, she’s feeling pretty good today. 


It all seems to have come together in that perfect “doesn’t look new” way that everybody wants.  She spent all of yesterday doing stuff to her hair and then coming and asking me what I thought.  After about 8 styles (including a couple of disasters), I was pretty tired of bad hair experiments and just said that plain is how it looks best, and if she wants to do anything different, she’s just got to pick and practice.  I swear, I couldn’t think of anything any more motivational than that on such short notice.

Right now, she’s consoling the dog, who already knows that something is up in the routine of the day.


That little dog is going to miss her most of all.

I wanted to do something to give her confidence, but all I could think was to ask her what happens first today.  She has a very good plan.  A good plan is confidence, right?  And, I made sure she has cash.  Because with a plan and some cash, you can go a long way. 

Everybody have a great Monday; first day jitters and all. 



lw said...

Very cute blouse, and whole outfit looks good!

The long hair worn down is very pretty, but I think a french braid would look good on Sydney, too.

Becky said...

Sydney looks beautiful. If what comes from her heart is as beautiful as she looks, she's got it made hands down!

Kath said...

My old Nan used to say that preparation was the antidote to nerves, so as always, you are right on the button Lane.
I agree with you, Miss Sydney has beautiful hair and I like it natural like that.

Linda in TX said...

Congratulations Lane! You've lived through another Dad Experience. She is really beautiful - and obviously loved.

Elizabeth said...

I ready this yesterday morning and then got sidetracked while I was formulating my comment.

That Sydney -- such a beautiful girl. I love her outfit. And you were right about less is more with the hair. I hope her little dog is making the transition OK.

xo -E