Life without internet

If you remember, I was complaining about our internet being spotty on Monday. 

Well, that was in the morning.  By evening, it was dead.  Dead as a doornail.  (Why do we compare dead things to doornails?)

Anyway, after much wrangling, my customer service correspondent Rob, who takes care of all the family's customer service needs has a new modem on the way.  Thank goodness for him because I'd rather be sending this to you with smoke signals than to have to call ATT customer service. 

Customer service (of all kinds) and I go way back and it's not a very friendly relationship.  I don't have any patience for stupid people and I don't have any patience with customer service procedures that mean I have to end my contact with the one that's been helping me to do something that I already know isn't going to work and then call in and talk to another contact who tells me to do the exact same thing again, which won't work and will end our connection, requiring me to talk to another contact...until I scream and hang up. 

Rob on the other hand has the patience of Job and that's why a new part is whizzing its way to our doorstep, even as I type this.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better internet day.

I didn't waste my time, tho.  Yesterday, I needed a mental health day and I spent it at home, disassembling my sewing room and putting it all together again...in reverse.  Yes, you read that right.  Everything that was on the left is now on the right.  Everything that was on the right is now on the left.  Rob said "there's so much more room".  I don't know how much of that is from moving the furniture and how much is from putting away the 912 things that I'd pulled out, used once and left laying around.

Sometimes, life just needs change and I like a change that I can control.

So, when we have internet again, and when I get that last little pile of junk put away, I'll show you pictures of the after...not the before.  Nobody needed to see that.

Be well.  Have a great Thursday.  Lane


Marei said...

I always love to see the "before" pics of sewing spaces/studios .... it makes me feel like I am not the BIGGEST sewing slob of the world. Just one of many! And AMEN to dealing with customer service representatives -- really what a name -- I never feel I get ANY customer service. Luckily my hubs is like Rob and can deal with these folks. Left to my own devices I engage in a lot of yelling and phone slamming. Neither of which is ever a good idea.

Kath said...

"I like a change that I can control."

Me too. You often write things about yourself and I think YES me too.
I am quite an emotional person and my husband is like Rob, patient and stays cool in the face of my dramas.
I was very lucky to snag him :-D

Rebecca Grace said...

First, you do see the irony in an internet blog post entitled "Life Without Internet," don't you? ;-)

I think that flip-flopping the furniture so it's a mirror image sounds like a great way to mess with my husband when he comes back from business trips. "No, Honey, I don't know what you're talking about. The sofa has ALWAYS been on this side of the room!"

I'm feeling fiesty today, can you tell? Glad you're reconnected to the World-Wide Web. Whether there's more space in your sewing room or not, it's always energizing to start fresh in a tidy workspace.

Happy Thursday!

Coloradolady said...

I just thought about doing the same thing in my sewing room. I thought I did not have time, but seems I am not released to go back to work for TWO more weeks, so I guess I really should try to do something in that room, it is a mess...MESS!

I was wondering about you....missed you this week!!

lw said...

I'm looking forward to the photos of your "after" space.

I've got one shelf and two boxes in my sewing room that need to be rearranged and put back into working order. And it sure wouldn't hurt me to vacuum in my sewing room. For someone who isn't even trying to imitate Eleanor Burns (or the Cookie Monster) an awful lot of thread and fabric bits end up on the carpet in there.

Lisa said...

So here's my question. What exactly IS a doornail anyway? I've never actually thought about that before. Thought-provoking post. LOL!!