Things to look forward to

Okay, so it’s that time of reflection around here.  Mostly because it’s too dad-blamed hot to do much of anything else.  So, I’ve been looking around for things to look forward to.  It’s supposed to promote a long and happy life.

I wish I had a picture of the school.  I’m looking forward to that.  And the structure that it brings to our lives.  Of course, I won’t like having to take over my own chores again.



Growing my own pickles.  Even if I’m having to pollinate the cucumbers myself because it’s too hot for bugs.  Anybody have a favorite sweet pickle recipe that only makes a couple of quarts?  Mine takes a bushel of cukes and I can’t possibly pollinate fast enough for that.


Filling these pots.  We’re going to more nurseries this weekend with friends and I hope to get some heat loving fall flowers.  Any suggestions from my fellow drought dwellers?  I need a blue for hte matching vintage looking pots to go near our front door.


Making these into a quilt.  They hang in the sewing room and I see them so much that I don’t see them anymore.  But, once in a while, I walk up on them and look at them closely and look forward to when they are quilts and not just blocks on the wall.


Sewing strips to blocks.


This was going a lot faster when I was making the background blocks. 


Glad I was smart enough to only make a few and then catch up on the 25 patches.  Background blocks will give me some breaks between sewing little squares into rows. 

Last night, for the first time in many months, after my chores were done I didn’t baste or assemble hexies.  It was very liberating.  I played with my phone instead.  And, I played and played and played until past bedtime.

I can see the attraction. 

I hope you’re looking forward to things, too.

Be well and have a great Thursday.  Lane


Kath said...

Oh yes, looking forward to when the builders finish my new sewing room and looking forward to planting up my new borders.
I can't advise you on draught friendly plants Lane, we get so much rain in the UK, my dog has practically grown flippers!

Laura said...

Moss roses (portulaca) and sedum do well here even when we are on water restriction. I don't think our heat is the same as yours, though. I'm in central VA. Our usual summer has temps in the upper 80s to upper 90s, and when it hits 100, it is big news.

Rebecca Grace said...

I never have just one comment!

1. Your lily is gorgeous! Mine aren't blooming this year; they've gotten attacked by some kind of bugs or fungus that is making the buds all deformed and preventing them from opening. :-(

2. You are pollinating cucumber plants yourself? How does one even DO that? I'm fascinated! I'm envisioning you in a little bumblebee suit with a squirt gun. I have an overactive imagination.

3. Those star blocks are spectacular! Paper pieced? I can't believe you have had them on the wall without doing anything with them. You need to cross-polinate the star blocks so that they will go forth and multiply into a whole quilt. Too bad it doesn't really work that way!

lw said...

I get to see my granddaughter in two months-- I'm looking forward to that.

I love Rebecca's vision of you in a bumblebee suit with a squirt gun.

Even when I grow cucumbers to pickle I end up eating most of them right off the vine. Yum!

Elizabeth said...

I'm looking forward to a couple of squishies in the mail. I love new fabric.

I am looking forward to school starting again (three weeks from today), but I kind of have mixed feelings about adjusting my schedule at work so that I go in later and leave later.

And I am looking forward to some sewing time as soon as I finish commenting here.

The photo of your squares with the little snippy scissors on top reminded me that I need to look in the couch cushions for mine. They went missing a few weeks back and the last place I remember using them was on the couch. I have them on a retractable lanyard pin so that I always have scissors handy, and I kind of miss them. They work really well, too. The little snips I'm using now need sharpening.

One day, I will make an Irish chain. I always love yours so much.

Oh, and pretty daylily!

xo -E