Sydney and the LBD

For a few weeks, we’ve been anticipating the passing of a friend, waiting for the end of his pain.  He passed yesterday afternoon.  He was one of Rob’s two best friends and the three of them were together in the room when it happened.  I believe that Rob is good with his good bye and that’s really what counts. 

But, it became obvious that our family needed to be prepared.  So, we talked to Sydney and while Rob did what he needed to do, I did what I was taught to do in the face of death; shop, cook and clean.

First priority, a dress and a haircut for Syd.  I don’t think I need to describe dress shopping with a 15 year old.  If you haven’t seen the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre then you don’t quite understand.  She’s too old to make her come out with each outfit on, so she takes my camera in and takes pictures of everything and then comes out and we decide.

This one didn’t make it.


This one, that she claimed she found in the dressing room, was a stern NO.  Think funeral.


The one below would have worked for a daytime memorial service.


I think we were both disappointed here.  It didn’t look that short on the hanger.


But, this one was the one.


And, when I saw the picture, I knew it.  She said she knew it when she tried it on.

Then, we went next door for shoes.  And, we ended up with four pair.  After I told her she could have the fourth one (at this point, she had black pumps and we were shopping the clearance aisle), she grabbed me and squealed about how much she loved me.  Who knew.  When I’m feeling blue, I’ll take her out for shoes.

I let her try this pair on.


She looked great in them.  She even knew how to walk.  One foot in front of the other…

hips left

hips right

hips left

hips right

this was a sight

to give dads a fright.

Everybody have a great day.  This is part of life.  Life lasts a long time and you can’t get too bogged down in any one part of it.  You have to remember to find stupid shoes to try on and laugh when the sadness is all around.

Be well.  Lane


Becky said...

Lane, she is BEAUTIFUL!! Even though the appropriateness for the occasion was wrong....she rocked every look!! Sorry to hear about Rob's friend. Sometimes death is a welcome relief from pain....

Love you!

Kath said...

Well Miss Sydney, you are a lovely girl and all those dresses looked super on you.
I hope the funeral won't be hard for you all.
I am going to wear stupid (odd sneakers) today and think about what you said Lane.

Elizabeth said...

I'm very sorry for your loss. It is hard to say goodbye to someone you love.

Sydney is such a beautiful girl. Go back and get that blue dress for when she's invited to homecoming or the spring dance. She rocked it. And the dress you went with for the funeral was beautiful too.

Shoes on clearance are my favorite kind. Shoe shopping in general is awesome because if the shoe doesn't fit, its the shoe's fault, not yours, whereas clothes shopping is the opposite (or so we're led to believe).

Again, I'm sorry for your loss. I wish I had the right words to make you all feel better. Just hang in there.

xo -E

Shevvy said...

Sorry about your friend, I'm glad Rob was able to be there though.

The dresses were great, the one you went for was spot on. I couldn't go shoe shopping with my mum at that age. It's the only time we ever argued so I had to go on my own.

Let her enjoy the heels. Soon enough she will have reached the point where achy back and hips and things get in the way and flats are her only option!

Auntie Em said...

I'm very sorry for your loss, Lane.

I have to agree with Elizabeth above. Go back and get that blue dress if there's a future dressy event. It looked gorgeous on her.

Piece by Piece said...

So sorry for your loss, Lane.
The dress you chose looks great on Sydney.
I also agree that blue dress "rocks", is that the right word these days???
High heels!!! Even though they look great and on clearance, in my opinion, there is time for them in the future.
Thinking about all of you in the coming days.

lw said...

I'm so sorry that Rob's friend passed.

I agree with the other blog ladies-- Syd's dress for the memorial service looks good on her and is appropriate. And that blue dress looks dynamite on her.

I never could get comfortable walking in high heels. It's a real talent.

Bianca said...

What a beauty she is Lane.
She looks good in all of them (well, not so much in the first dress, but that's not her fault) and the one she chose wat the best indeed.
Love your poem (whoehahahaaa) and your advice.
Being down myself for a while now, so maybe time to go shoe-shopping....

Megan said...

Four pairs of shoes in one shopping expedition? You are definitely The Man, Lane. That was a fabulous splurge - nice to do it for her every now and then.

Sydney, Australia

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous girl the dress you both picked was just spot-on and please lane get the blue dress for the special occasion it suited her so well. We have just had a family funeral and my son and his wife decided their 3 girls were all old enough but of course needed appropriate clothes the youngest disappeared and after a while came down stairs in what she considered was the correct clothing (Mummy had said we must have something dark) so a black Minnie Mouse t-shirt black leggings and a black net Ra ra skirt (she is only 6 ) and that is what she wore my MIL would have loved it she was a party girl to the end aged 94

Coloradolady said...

Lane, I just got home from Austin, helping my daughter pack up her apartment as she gets ready to move to another location.

I am so sorry to hear about Rob's and your family friend. Sending good thoughts your way for all of you. Tell Rob I am thinking about him. I am sad for all of you and your loss.

Sydney is so cute, love the shoes, and LOVE she is a good sport and lets you share her on your blog!!

Have a great week, will be headed back labor day weekend for the BIG MOVE....yeah...in the HEAT!!

Carla said...

She looked very nice in the dress y'all chose.
She did look great in the cute ruffle blue dress. Should have bought it for home coming. Just saying. I know don't hurt me.