Follow-ups from yesterday, nothing new here

We’ve solved the spool of thread mystery from yesterday. 

100_5819 100_5821

Karen suggested we weigh them, just to make sure they really are equal.  Rob took them to work today and put them on his digital postal scale and they are equal in weight.  One just must have been mislabeled.  And, I paid about the same price for both, so I don’t feel cheated. 

But, I do feel a bit foolish for not realizing that this is what 200 meters of 100 wt silk thread looks like.


It’s a small spool and not even completely full.  Last year’s quilt took 5 – 200 meter spools of thread, so I thought I’d get ahead and just buy a thousand yards at once.  Now, I have enough for two quilts.

Okay, so nobody remembered Ron Popiel?  C’mon.  Ronco Records?  The Popiel slicer?  “it slices, it dices, it even makes julien fries.”  The Popiel pocket fisherman?  Ouch, my aching birthdays.  That man spent more time on TV than Walter Cronkite when I was a kid.

This afternoon, Sydney and I are taking the afternoon off for clothes shopping.  We are going to use the “to the tips of your fingers” rule.  We will battle like very polite knights, like we always do, neither of us willing to cross a line because I have put everything down and walked out before, proving I will; more ignoring one another than actually crossing swords.  And, despite the tearful eyes for something I won’t budge on, and at least one pronouncement of “you don’t have any sense of style” (hurled at me), it will be fun.  Because this is the stuff that relationships are made of.  Honestly, this is the stuff I wouldn’t trade for the world.  Yeah, sweet Sydney at Christmas is fun, but Sydney under construction and finding out who she wants to be is the one I enjoy the most. 

Tomorrow night is the memorial service for Rob’s friend.  Casual, so no black dress…I would have been a really good scout; always prepared. 

Everybody have a great Thursday.  I’ll try to post about our shopping expedition.  Now, where are those valium?



lw said...

Ron Popiel--"But wait, there's more!" I would rather have him on the air now than some of the commercials I've been seeing for some very intimate products that probably shouldn't be sold on TV.

"Now how much would you pay?"

Elizabeth said...

The slicing, dicing, julienne fries jogged my memory. I remember Ron Popiel now.

I like the "to the tips of your fingers rule." It is good to be consistent. And I love that you are happy helping Sydney under construction. I like hearing about your family. You are all awesome. And I know this because you talk about the not-so-awesome moments and how you fix them.

xo -E