There’s a favorite line in a song that is playing in my mind right now…

Sometimes, you’re the windshield.  Sometimes, you’re the bug.

Now, the only reason that’s relevant is because life is flying at me fast right now.  Not because I’ve gone, or will be going splat on it. 

Last week was stressful and excessively busy at work.  But, this Saturday morning, really early, we got up and went out to several plant nurseries, where I indulged in a bit of potted retail therapy.  I’ll have to show pics later, but I found the perfect blues for the front porch and another rose (like I need a hole drilled in my head) and some cacti. 

Honestly, I don’t remember what I did that afternoon, but it involved a lot of sewing and a lot of alone time and a lot of accomplishment. 

Yesterday, I worked in the yard in the morning, while Rob worked on our internet routers, etc, to move them to a more airy and cooler location.  They’ve been overheating in the sewing room and they need a better and more central place.  Neither of us can tell you what happened, but for seven hours, we putzed at it and tried different things and finally, at about 4pm, I got a type of internet working.  The true test will be whether this post will load. 

But, despite all that, I did manage to get a couple of border sections built for the hexie quilt.

Next border


Final border


There’s still a flower border that goes between those two.

And, I got 5 rows of the Irish Chain quilt assembled, although the three rows and the two rows aren’t sewn to one another yet.  But, they will be.


Soon enough.

The important thing is that we all lived through the stressful experiences and tonight is guild.  I find myself really looking forward to guild night.  And, tonight, I’m donating a box of books to the library, and they’re having a boutique sale, so I’m pumped because I have space and I have cash.

Be well and have a great Monday. 

Oh, and if someone finds the guy that controls this big merry go round of life, tell him I could do with a temporary slowdown.  K?

Cuz the older I get, the faster it passes.  Oh, for the days when Christmas was always so far off.



Kath said...

Lane, I am really enjoying seeing your hexy quilt grow.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

You are one brave man with those hexies\!!! looking good.

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful! Both the hexies and the Irish chain.

Also, IMHO, weekends are too short. And who decided that a 40-hour week was "full-time?"

xo -E

lw said...

I love how the hexie boarders are coming out. And your irish chain looks more like the inspiration quilt now that it's sewn together.

I have had summer days in my childhood that are longer than the months are now.

qltmom9 said...

OOooo...let us know what bargains you get. I miss guild garage sales terribly (ours are "on hold). I love both quilts. I have a hexie going, but am inspired by the irish chain...need another project like a hole in the head...


Rebecca Grace said...

I am so in awe of the way you are able to switch back and forth between different projects so easily. I love how both of those quilts are coming along, especially the effects you're getting with your hexie borders. Remind me, are you hand piecing all of that? I'm sure I asked before, but I've forgotten. Because I can only remember one thing at a time, and if I had two quilts going at once I would be spending lots of alone time with my seam ripper and a box of Kleenex.

"when Christmas seemed so far away," indeed! That really resonated with me. I think perhaps that's the demarcation between Child and Adult. When Christmas isn't so far away anymore, childhood is over and you're kicked out of Neverland for good.