Have my cake and eat it too.

I am really bad about wanting that. I so badly want to get to do something, while at the same time do something else that is mutually exclusive.

For example, I want to eat root beer floats, made with creamy blue bell ice cream, but I also want to lose weight. Ain't happening.

Another example is to be able to compromise on things with the kid, but still be able to tell her when to go to bed. Well, actually, that one is happening. But making the occasional compromise makes her think she can strike a deal on anything.

But, the one that comes up the most is wanting to use a beautiful piece of fabric and also wanting to save it for another project.

I faced that one last night. I want to make a small quilt I saw in a magazine as a practice piece for some really fancy quilting. I need the practice and the fancy quilting is exactly what I want to get better at, and this project is the ideal opportunity. It's made of four 12 inch blocks and you quilt a beautiful feather on each block and then do the background quilting around it to fill the whole space in with very intricate work. It's a pattern I got a few years ago and as I started to work more and more on the fancy work, it's something I remembered and wanted to do. But, the magazine got lost in the chaos of the sewing room and just recently resurfaced when I was poking around for a quilting magazine that takes me more than 10 minutes to flip through and toss to the side (out of boredom, but that's a rant for another blog post.) Anyway, there's plenty of space I can fill in that $5 quilt I assembled this weekend so I want to practice my free motion and then get that one in the machine.

So, I pulled out an off white and a beige and cut out my 12 1/2" squares. As I was cutting the beige piece, I realized that all that tight quilting is going to overdraw any print there is to the fabric, so basically, that beautiful piece of fabric is going to be wasted.

Then, the angel on the other shoulder reminded me that if I quit work and did nothing but sew, I'd never, ever, ever, not in a million stitches use up all the fabric I have stored.

So, I need to get over it!

But, it's still a shame to waste something pretty. Maybe I'll make my practice quilt using a green. I have lots more green fabric than beige and I can use an ugly print because all that's going to be left of the fabric is a color.

Or, I could just get over it and use what I already have cut. But, then I won't get to save that for another project.

Maybe I've just figured out why so many quilters have so much stash stored away. We all want to eat cake...just not our pretty cake.

Take care and have a great Monday. I'm working my rear end off trying to make up for last Friday off. But, hey, it had to be done. Nobody wants a crazy man running around with sharp scissors and if I didn't take time off, that's exactly what I'd be.



Shirleymac said...

You should never run with scissors. Better to take a day off. Sorry I can't help with your quilt dilemma. My stash doesn't have very many pieces large enough to make a backing so I guess that's why I've never run into the problem. I usually wait til the quilt is finished and then go buy a 1/2 price piece that matches what I'm doing.

Elizabeth said...

You gotta do what makes you happy. I say, go with an ugly green and save that pretty beige for something else. You never know. I'm such an enabler, aren't I? Happy to have been of service.

lw said...

I think there's always a reason (even unconscious) that you make choices like that. I say stay with the beige and off-white. They will always make more pretty beige and off-white fabrics, and it sounds like you need only 3/8 of yard to replace these.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I am the queen of buying two of everything , just in case.

And if you use this pretty fabric now, it'll give you a reason to go buy more pretty fabric later.

Cynthia L. said...

First off, your mention of Blue Bell ice cream brought back memories of my being pregnant and eating gallons of Blue Bell Banana Pudding ice cream! Oh my God, it was wonderful! I gained 5 pounds in one of my last weeks of pregnancy and when the Dr. asked me why I told him about the ice cream. He was not happy with me. We don't get Blue Bell here and I sure to miss it.

I am like you, I buy a wonderful fabric and then don't want to use it in case something better comes along. I like Ms. P's idea of buying two of everything!