More white flowers and a top together.

Just in time for Easter.

This is the next to last white flower display of the year. These are my Indian Hawthorne. They were some of the first shrubs I put in 10 years ago when I bought the house. They're very slow growing and love the sun and are drought tolerant and when they're not in bloom, they make these big green pillow shapes in front of the house to soften all the straight lines. I think Rob wants to try to move them, but I convinced him to wait until after the bloom this year before he tried.

And, this is last year's $5 quilt. The LQS does one every year. I've done the last three but have opted out this year as I"m not starting any new projects until I finish a few. You pay $5 to get in and every month that you bring the finished block in on a certain day of month, you get the fabric for the next block for free. This is the prettiest one so far. I pieced the back this morning using John Flynn's method and hope to get it pin basted later in the day and mayb e start some fancy quilting practice this afternoon. It's rainy here and I doubt there will be much getting out.

We were supposed to be working on the science project this morning to get it out of the way and enjoy the rest of the day, but some pre-teen's first words to me this morning in response to "good morning and happy easter"were "shut up" (and not in the funny way), so she's spent the morning scrubbing her bathroom, cleaning her closet, and folding all the sheets in the house. . But, she's about done with that and I need to go boil some eggs to make Rob his Easter favorite, Deviled eggs. Deviled eggs on Easter seems like a bit of a contradiction, doesn't it???

Bella's doing great. Turned out it was not a problem with the spay, but rather a hernia that we possibly caused. Glad I didn't write to the adoption service complaining. That would have been embarassing.

Take care and have a great Easter. I'm about to surrender the laptop to the charwoman so she can have some free time this afternoon. I can be a great dad. But you gotta treat me right. Lane


Patricia said...

Love that quilt!!!!! Our LQS has a $3.50 quilt---but I have NEVER gotten the quilt for #3.50:-) I wish you, "the Pre-teen" and Rob a wonderful Easter as well!!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Laughing so hard @ your "charwoman" comment.

I'd never heard of the idea of a $5.00 quilt. I think that's a great idea. I wonder if we do something like that here.

Happy Easter to you, Rob and Sydney.

DeAnna S. said...

Indian Hawthorne bushes are about the best. They make a nice bush even when not blooming. We had some that recently died and had to pull them up. While pulling them up we found a yellow-jacket nest embedded in the roots which apparently killed the bushes. I was wondering why my husband was running around the yard like a wild man. Love the $5.00 quilt and I can totally understand not buying anything else until some projects are finished.....I am trying to adopt the same principal. And don't worry about Sydney....our children will eventually know why we do the things we do. Have a great Easter.

Becky said...

Wish I was there with you all....I was missing deviled eggs today something awful! We're on the road again so I didn't get to make any. Enjoy them for me!