More fancy quilting

Well, I pulled the quilt off the design wall and stacked it so I could get to the book case and went back to my fancy quilting. There were a couple questions about the Magic Genie Bobbin Washers from my list of quilting secrets yesterday.

The bobbin washers are teflon washers that are very thin. I didn't have to do anything to the bobbin case except one final tension adjustment after I started to use the washer. I drop one into the bobbin case before dropping the bobbin in. They keep the holes in the bobbin from getting stuck to anything in the case and take up that last tiny bit of space in the case so the bobbin can't wobble as I sew. They're also smooth and the plastic bobbins I use can slide along them. I know the combination of the washer and the larger bobbin ended my problem of little wads of thread on the back of the quilt. And, they seem to last a long time. I'm still on my first one and it's not scratched or torn or anything.

Anyway, yesterday I did the echo shells that are on the left side of the picture and the double pebble on the right. That finished off the first of the 4 squares. Just three more to go and I have plenty of ideas for other textural quilting to fill the space. What I've been doing is watching Leah do it and then giving it a try myself. Might take a couple of seconds to get the hang of it, but then I just fly along. I can do about 3 square inches of quilting in 30 minutes.

Take care and have a great day. Lane


John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

do you have other hobbies? just wondered?

lw said...

Thanks for the magic genie info. I ordered some from Leah Day to try. My daughter is learning to quilt and we've got bird's nests everywhere.

Gees-- I hope that's a typo. Three square inches of fancy quilting in 30 minutes?

Leah Day said...

That looks awesome Lane! You're really doing great with all of the different designs.



Elizabeth said...

That is coming out so beautifully and well worth the time to learn to create something so detailed. Love to hear your progress as you move along through your quilt. Thanks for sharing!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Truly Beautiful Lane.. I'm probably going to sound very self negative, but some days I dont feel I'm ever going to get good enough to do such beautiful free motion quilting.

I guess I'll just need to practice, practice, practice....

Reagan Fox said...

Really nice work Lane...I have tried Echo Shell and I can not seem to keep my hmmmm..."spacing" right? its all over the place. Yours is very nice tho!

But I keep practicing at it anyway!