Spring shopping time

I showed a picture of this mock orange last week, but I took the picture too soon. On friday, it really burst open into full bloom and is covered in white flowers.

We went on one of our antiquing jaunts this weekend to the southeast of Austin. In one of the towns we visited, we managed to get this pic of some wildflowers. I forget what Rob said they were. There were fields full of bright yellow and orange flowers and blue bonnets everywhere, but they were all fenced in and we couldn't get pictures good enough to share. I was hoping we'd get one of the very Monet-like shots of the wildflower fields but the camera just wouldn't do them justice.

We didn't have a plan to shop on Saturday, but I needed thread for that wholecloth quilt and that got us all out of the house and Rob brought up antiquing and one thing led to another and we stopped by the house to change our shoes and off we went. He knew I wanted to quilt and so he almost didn't bring it up, but all I cared about was that everyone had a good time and no one argued (remember, we just finished a science project). So, I was good with a little driving and talking and shopping. We had a good time and there were lots of bargains on the things I collect, so I'm really glad he suggested it.

But, the last thing I bought was my favorite. I found another antique sewing machine. We stopped in a junk shop (I can't think of any better description than that). They specialized in purchasing estates and reselling them and the shop was full of the good, the bad, the smelly and the worn out. But, there were some jewels there, too. One was this old girl.

These pictures were taken before I did any cleaning up, except a cursory dusting before bringing her in the house. I walked right past her. She was sitting on the bottom shelf of an almost empty end cap and I didn't look down as I walked around the corner. He saw her as I was paying for the other stuff I'd found and pointed her out. He was fascinated with the hand crank. He'd never seen a machine with one before. She's very clean on the inside and the action was smooth as silk, with just a little clicking that resolved itself with a little oiling and cleaning. There's a bell like ring when the handcrank hits the handwheel and I'm hoping that's because it's missing some kind of washer or grommet that I can get. I spent a good bit of time oiling and lubricating yesterday and Rob has the base so he can glue down a little piece of veneer. I ordered some new parts, like the needle plate and the front bobbin cover plate that were missing or very rusty. She's a Singer model 128 in a bentwood case and she was made in 1913 and is a 3/4 size model of the Singer 128 treadle machine I have and takes the same bobbins and shuttle. It's amazing that she is worth a lot more in parts than she is as a working machine. I could have sold the bobbin shuttle for more than I paid for the machine and if I broke her down and sold the shuttle, the handcrank and the cover plates, I could make more than a 100% profit. I guess some people do that. But, I'd rather have her for what she is. She's been worked hard and used well and also taken good care of. I can't wait to let her make something for me.
I have to point out that we spent our last cash on the other items I bought in that store and Rob had to take me down the road a piece to an ATM and then bring me back to the store so I could buy yet another antique sewing machine. Not sure when I became a collector. I didn't mean to, but these machines keep showing up at the right price when I'm in the mood to buy, so I guess that makes me a collector. We saw some beautiful machines in beautiful cabinets. Machines without a scratch that were selling for a lot more money. But, that's not really the kind of machien I want to collect. I want one that's been used and loved and knows how to sew. I don't mind the scratches or the missing decals. That's what comes from living a good life.
Take care and have a great Monday. I got very far behind reading blogs last week, so I'll be trying to catch up over the next couple of evenings. Don't let anything new happen until I'm caught up on the old. Lane


Elizabeth said...

Wow. What a gorgeous find! Those old Singers really know how to work. Thanks for sharing. It brought a smile to my face.

Bonnie K Hunter said...

Oooh ohhhh!! I am headed to Austin to teach in 2 weeks and I hope that the weather is still "not too hot" and things are still blooming!

Your new beauty machine is gorgeous! I just love those vintage machines, I'm running out of room for them.....I'm so glad I'm not the only one who is a real push over for these old beauties!


Tammy said...

oh Lane, your hand crank Singer machine is a real beauty. What a great find! I'm glad you are giving the old girl a new home rather than parting her out for cash.

lw said...

Love the photos of the trees and flowers-- and I also love the Singer 128. What a beauty!

It's funny-- I've been buying exactly the opposite vintage machines. Both my Touch and Sew and my Featherweight were bought (probably as gifts) and stuck in a closet and almost never used. There isn't much wear on the Featherweight gears (though the belt crumbled into dust when I tried to turn the handwheel.) The Featherweight was a bargain because the antique store just got it from an estate sale and hadn't touched it yet, so I did my own cleaning, oiling, replaced the belt and light bulb and she's running like a dream. Just seems a shame that both machines sat for decades waiting for someone to sew on them.

I can't wait to see the other machine you got.

Cynthia L. said...

Hi Lane, what a wonderful find you got with your sewing machine. I also can't wait to see your other purchases. I walked away from an old treadle machine (it was only $40) and it still worked. I could still kick myself!

When I lived in Dallas, we used to drive to Austin and San Antonio to see the bluebonnets. I always remember the orange and red flowers being called painted blankets, but that could have just been something my ex used to say.

Glad to hear you had a wonderful weekend.

Becky said...

Great sewing machine!! Sounds like you had a fun day.

Coloradolady said...

Beautiful machine Lane, I love the case....great find! Kudos for Rob for pointing her out!!

Shirleymac said...

Bautiful machine Lane. You have the best luck finding treasures.

oldbatt said...

Your new (old) Singer is beautiful and I'm sure she will give you some more good years. I love making those super good finds and it's just the beginning of garage sale season here and I get excited every time I see a sign! Have a great day! Lisa