What is that man up to???

Okay, so after that nonsensical post yesterday, I decided you needed some context. This is what I have in mind.

And, I am both intimidated enough and excited enough to feel giddy about starting it. (isn't it wonderful that at almost 50, I can feel giddy about anything anymore? so glad I didn't grow out of that.)
This is from the 19th anniversary edition of Quilter Magazine. They give the feathers as a traceable pull-out and I've already traced them onto parchment and will trace again onto the fabric. And, then I get to start quilting this beauty. This morning, I picked my borders, a dark blue mottled where her rust border is and a brown with medium scale flowers for the outer border. I started putting together the 12 1/2 inch squares, but am still thinking about the offwhite and beige. Tonight, I'll check out my threads and decide if I need a different color center. The border would look nice with a green center; or blue or yellow for that matter. I'm just sayin'. It doesn't have to be off-white and beige just because the pattern says so.
It's hard to work on something I'm so excited about in 30 minute stints, and that's all I see me getting this week. A half hour here and a half hour there. But, that should be sufficient to make all the decisions and get it assembled so I can sit and play this weekend.
Take care and have a great Tuesday. I'm off to a long conference call and then some serious music turned up, pencil to the paper, quiet, hard work time. Lane


lw said...

The image in beige and white has a lovely sandy sea shell sort of feel. In greens, it would have a soft, ferny look. I think you can't lose either way, though if you think about where you're going to hang the piece when you're finished, it may help you pick the colors.

Leah Day said...

Hey Lane,

This looks like a terrific project! Just make sure you don't go too dark with your fabrics or you will lose the feathers completely.

I made this mistake once with a black wholecloth quilt. All that work and it shows nothing but lint.

I understand the giddy feeling though! I sure hope I still feel that way when I'm 50!



Elizabeth said...

My advice is this: lay out your fabric choices and have someone tell you which fabric to use. If they picked the right one, you'll know it. If they picked the wrong one, you'll know it too and you'll know which one you REALLY want to use.

You might want to tell your fabric picker in advance that their opinion is just to help you figure out what your opinion really is.

Becky said...

I can't wait to see the finished product!! It will be beautiful! I agree with the comment that light greens would look "ferny".....which would be fabulous!

Cynthia L. said...

This looks like it will be a great project to get your teeth in! I look forward to seeing your color choices and your quilting!

Lynn - JnL4God said...

Go for it eager to see how it turns out.

Just wanted to congratulate you on the nice article that Stitch in Heaven did on you. Very nice.

Shirleymac said...

You're very brave Lane. I have to admit a whole cloth type of quilting.. even a pillow... is something I've always set my sites on doing. But I have to learn to hand quilt with consistency first.

oldbatt said...

Wow - that is a huge project to tackle but your enthusiam will carry you through. I used to think that other people thought I was crazy for how excited I get about the smallest things but now I think that is why we are friends! Best, Lisa