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Well, we've started a good spring bloom around here. Normally, this is when white things bloom in my yard. I've always thought white flowers were so hard to grow, so I don't have many and they all bloom early, while it's still cool weather. The first is this spirea.
I also have some lovely yellow columbine.
And, the crabapple is finally giving me a good bloom after about 10 years of petting it. It started as a stick and hopefully, I'll finally get some fruit this year.
Well, just to prove there's no such thing as a free puppy, Bella has spent the day at the vets office having a little surgery to correct a bad mistake that was made while she was being spayed. Great...I had to pay the adoption service to spay her and now I've had to pay my vet to fix that.
To distract Sydney, we spent the day shopping. I needed clothes and you can imagine how excited she was to shop with me. But, we found some cute t-shirts for her and she needed a new light jacket since she lost her hoodie this week as a consequence for being a dumba$$.
We needed ink to print the stuff for her science project, but wouldn't you know it, it was $10 cheaper to buy a new printer. What's up with that??? Disposable everything. Now, don't get me wrong, I loved my old printer, but it didn't have a scanner and the new one does. I'll keep the old one and give it to Rob when I get a new laptop. The new one can connect to the laptop wirelessly...oooohhh. Fancy schmancy.
And, I pieced the last block of a quilt I started last year and have been adding the sashing. I've been collecting batiks for years and not made a quilt. Last year's $5 quilt was all batiks and that's the one I'm working on. Hopefully pictures soon.
Take care and have a great Good Friday. It's certainly been good to us...well, Bella may not think so. But I'm having fun. Lane


Coloradolady said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful day! My daughter is in Austin today interviewing for a job...all the way to Austin. Sigh.....oh, well, I guess you take a job where you can get a job! Have a great Easter weekend...and poor little Bella....I feel sorry for her!! I am taking a break from sewing for a few days....I have been totally stressed, you may have read my post today...so I am not motivated! Take care..Suzanne

Becky said...

The flowers are beautiful! Up here in the mountains I have a few pitiful "dappodils" (Aubreeism) that have made it, and my forsythia is blooming....what is left of it after Rick pruned it "his way" last year. I have almost given up on yard flowers of any kind. He mows off everything, and any thing that he feels is in the way of his mower is trimmed to look like an umbrella. Ugh.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Hi Lane,

I love Spring when colour starts creeping back into our lives after a drab winter. We have a cherry tree on our front lawn and it blossoms early and just makes my heart sing.

I hope Bella makes a rapid recovery. I'm sure Sydney will do a bang up job of taking care of her.

Happy Easter to you, Rob and Sydney just in case I dont get back here in the next couple of days.

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

the aquilegia is lovely!!! stunning

Elizabeth said...

That yellow Columbine is gorgeous! Mine flowers in a light lilac color, but not for a while yet. We got snow yesterday and today. The daffodils just laughed at it. Your Spirea is gorgeous and nice work with the crabapple! Hope Bella recovers quickly. Our free puppy was at least $500 in the first year. He liked to chew. I spent $20 a week minimum on rawhide toys.

DeAnna S. said...

Great pics of your yard in bloom. I always love this time of year with everything starts to bloom. Thanks for sharing.

Shirleymac said...

Isn't spring great? Your Spirea is amazing. Have fun shopping. I hate clothes shopping but I love having new clothes. Pat poor Bella for me when she gets home. She's not crazy about someone having made a mistake either I'm sure :0)

Cynthia L. said...

Wonderful photos of what is blooming in your yard. We are just now getting plants coming out of the ground. We do have daffodils and forsythia, but other than that, not much blooming. I am waiting for our Dogwood to bloom - it is my favorite tree. Glad you got some shopping done. Hope your pup is better soon.

Can't wait to see what you have done with the Batiks you are talking about - I love them!

Happy Easter to you and your family!