The hangover

My child is so hung over. She is seriously suffering from an excess of caffeine and sugar last night. Who knows how many sodas she downed. Rob saw her drink two in the space of a few minutes.

Last night's dance was very different. There were a bit over a hundred kids there and they were very well behaved. And, there were almost as many chaperones as kids. The music wasn't so great, even though it was the same dj as last time.

We heard two different stories about the low turnout. One was that the 8th graders boycotted the dance because they wanted it to be a couple of weeks ago for valentine's, so they went skating instead. The other was that the school enforced a rule that if the kids had an unexcused absence, they couldn't attend the dance unless a parent sent a note explaining the absence, which would change it to excused. If it's excused, the school district gets more federal funding. Unexcused absences count against them. Who knows.

Anyway, she had fun. She has a headache and weepy eyes and her ankle hurts and she hurt her neck dancing. Awwwwwwww. My heart goes out to her.

As far as I remember, the best cure for a hangover is yardwork, right?

And, loud music.

Have a great Saturday.



Patchwork Penguin said...

A few years ago our middle school held a dance, and a mom got her daughter out of school around noon, took her to get her hair done and get all dressed up and then brought her back for the dance. I'm sorry... she shouldn't have been allowed back in IMHO. All that prep should have been for the prom in high school.

Shay said...

You are an evil parent- I love it.

Glad to hear she had a good time (and it sounds like you did too actually!)

Becky said...

I've always heard it was yard work! lol

Patricia said...

Off Topic----did you get my e-mail?

Have a great day!!!

Coloradolady said...

LOL...Lane, Poor Sydney...let her sleep it off!!! I had to cringe at the sound of yard work....and I SOO need to be doing something like that...but instead, I sit, cutting out a new quilt that I want to sew together.

Funny thing is, I never understood when quilters talked about UFO's. Right now, I have the begging quilt project unfinished, and my RRCB unfinished. I was gung-ho on the RRCB until it got to the borders. I tanked and sat it aside.....and well.....the Begging quilt one is just a ton of work, very time consuming. So....here I am cutting a new quilt to be sewn together...guess what? I so get the UFO thing now. And that is TOTALLY not like me at all!!

Have a great weekend.

vivian said...

I agree-let her sleep it off! The yard work will still be there tomorrow! Glad you guys had a great time!

lw said...

I'm with you-- yard work and a nutritious breakfast and lunch. It keeps raining off and on here, so my yard work may be off until tomorrow morning.

John Gray said...

scrambled eggs and water!

Elizabeth said...

Yard work, specifically gardening, is good for whatever ails you.

xo -El

Cynthia L. said...

My Mother thought housework was the cure for hangovers! Do the two of you share parenting tips?

Glad a good time was had by all!