Lane and Sydney stay home



Sherri said...

I have some of that black and gold floral fabric. Is this going to be your next shirt? I'm always amazed (maybe more amused)as I browse the internet and look at all the quilts and such out there, that I see fabric that I have in my stash or have used in past quilt projects.

Elizabeth said...

The baby quilt turned out so beautifully! The quilting is absolutely amazing. I love the straight-line quilting in the white sashing (border?). I hope you'll show a few more pictures of it, with close-ups of the different sections. I'm especially interested to see a more detailed shot of the mariner's compasses. That is a really lovely gift. As always, nicely done.

xo -El

lw said...

I agree with Elizabeth, the quilting in the sashing works great with the design, and it's a beautiful quilt. Were the mariners compasses stitch in the ditch? And I like the photo essay.

Shay said...

That looks like every Sunday at my house Lane. I cant believe how grown up Sydney is looking!

LOve the flroal dinner plates by the way.

Irene Onderweegs said...

How time flies! And how huggable your daughter looks... but maybe I am just another parent who melts away with any youngster asleep :^}
Irene from Amsterdam