Red Plaid Shirt 1

I started assembling my red plaid shirt this morning. I've learned that the secret is "exactness" and the seam guage is my friend.

But, oops! pocket doesn't match. Even after all that "exactness". Hey, I'm still learning.

But, this pocket is just right.

And, my favorite part of a shirt...the fruit loop. I make a lot of fun of the loop, but I looked around at the guys at our conference this week in their dress shirts and was surprised how many had the loop. And, since I enjoy making fun of it, I have to put one on every shirt.

But, ooops! I cut the yokes wrong. I added the half inch in the collar, but not over the shoulders. Back to the drawing board because I'm sure there's no more of this $2 per yard fabric left.
I'll let you know how that works out.


andsewon said...

Oh my goodness Lane!!You are so very brave doing a plaid! I am not an expert on these shirts I must say, but I think you are rocking it!
I made some western shirts and prairie skirts back in the day. Made my wee ones some fun things and sewed the simple dresses for my Mama and MIL.
Just not my most favorite thing to do.
You are going great guns with the awesome jacket and now this shirt!
Look forward to your fantastic finish!!


Hazel said...

Plaid oh you are brave .what is that loop for ,do men actually hang there shirts from it ? My DH doesn't thats why I'm asking .Gee your going to be a designer soon ,good for you .

lw said...

Plaid really is brave-- not sure I'm up to plaid except in quilts.