projects, projects, projects

I'm being a big wimp with a sinus that's trying to get infected and a subsequent toothache from that. I know people wanted me to go to the evening events after the conference this week, but after spending my days afraid to breathe because it hurt, I just did not feel like getting out in the cold to go to dinners.

So, to distract myself from feeling sorry for myself because I'm a big wimpy idiot, I cut out my first "for real" shirt this morning (project 1). I hope to get started sewing tonight. We're having leftovers (sorry Rob) so I should have some time to get things started in the sewing room.

The pattern adjustments came out really well, except I realized this morning that the perfect paper that I used to draw them on (white flip chart paper that's 2ft x 3ft) is not opaque enough to see my grainline through, when laying the pattern on fabric. I had to fold the paper on the grain line markings, lay it on the fabric and then unfold it before cutting. It worked, but I'll try to find pattern tissue or use my golden threads paper next time.

I did cut the fabric out using a rotary cutter for the most part. I was much more successful on the kitchen floor than on my cutting table because I could get all around the pattern piece and didn't have to cut everything from one side. I was also able to use my quilting rulers to try to make it a bit safer.

The way that I've seen people use rotary cutters to cut out clothes just goes against everything that I was taught about rotary cutter safety. Peter sent me a video of a young woman cutting out a pattern piece with a rotary cutter and I just cringed the whole time I was watching it. I started out thinking this was a horror video someone had put on utube and that the girl was going to pretend to cut a finger off and shoot blood at the camera. But, it wasn't. It was a serious video. And, she managed to cut out a piece of her bodice without taking off a finger, but I'm betting she isn't always going to be so lucky. It gave me nightmares that night. She was all over that rotary cutter and if I used mine that carelessly, I'd get a frequent stitcher discount at the emergency room. But, I found a way to use the cutter I can believe in and anytime I have the chance, I use a quilting ruler to keep my fingers at a safe distance, so it worked out and I was able to cut out my shirt in less than an hour this morning.

Project 2 is finishing the ship quilt and finishing the ship quilt pattern. I'm nearly done with the quilting. But explaining how I did the paper pieced compasses is harder than I thought it would be. I drew those and I made 6 of them. But, explaining how I did it is not easy.

Project 3 is quilting the Linus quilt. Did I get it pin basted this week? No, I did not. But, that shouldn't put me too far behind. I have a great striped fabric in a nice green and red stripe that should make a great back. Or, maybe I'll pull large fabrics and piece a back. Only the shadow knows.

I'd like to say that Project 4 will be in the yard, but it's just a couple of weeks too early to think about that. We're expecting a nice weekend and maybe I'll get the snow peas that have sprouted in the potting shed in the ground and will probably try to bribe the kid into picking up all the sticks that the 40 mph winds blew down this week. "I'll take you to get a haircut if you pick up sticks." "I'll take you to get new shoes if you pick up sticks." Hmmm. That might not work out and since the haircut is so I can look at her again and I'm legally required to keep her in shoes, I might have to resort to cash. Whatever it takes.

Okay, that's it for me. I need to finish up my work so I can get out of here and get to my sewing.

Take care and have a great weekend. Lane


sewmeow said...

Hope you feel better soon......and let's see pictures of the shirt while you're working on it. ok?

Debbie Cook said...

I probably rotary cut garment patterns like that video. lol But I'm always aware of where the blade is vs. where my fingertips are and it does get much easier and faster the more you do it. Maybe you need one of those Fons & Porter cutting gloves.

Chl said...

I know your feeling, sinuses - bad tooth, not fun! And like Debbie, I cut exclusively with my rotary cutter! It is so much faster and I don't mess with pins either, pattern weights were a gift from God. Back in the day when I sewed a lot of clothing for my kids, there was a product -- pattern pellon -- if was for tracing patterns onto it and it was see thru. It also didn't tear like paper. I don't know if its still available or what it would be called now a days, but you may want to check it out if you get hooked into sewing clothing instead of just quilts. I sewed a little baby's blessing dress the other night and I kindof forgot how much fun that used to be and how much stuff that I hadn't forgotten completely. Good luck and get on some antibiotics. You will feel much better.

Cynthia L. said...

Funny, I have a sinus headache that is caused by my tooth!

I am envious that you will be able to garden soon. We will have to wait until May. I may be able to get out and do come clean up this Sunday. We are supposed to have temps. in the upper 40's, for us, it is time to wear shorts and tank tops!

Hope you feel better soon!