La Camisa de rojo manta escocesa (finale)

Yes, this is the last post about the red plaid shirt. It's in the laundry basket now, waiting to be washed and I'm hoping that the "wings" in the shoulders will relax.

So, this is the shirt from the front. We're having so much trouble getting that tiny red and white plaid to photograph. A flash distorts the fabric and no flash makes it look kind of orange, doesn't it? Anyway, we have a good fit. The sleeves are a good length. The collar fits well. There's an extra half inch in each shoulder that i don't need and won't be included in my pattern going forward.

Here's the view from the back. I do have small triangles on the back that Peter addressed yesterday, but I don't plan to do anything about them. Look at the left shoulder. See that bit of a wing that stands up? You only see it because the shoulder doesn't slope down. Not sure there's anything I can do about it. I'm going to wait and see what the hot clothes dryer will do for me.

And, no, I'm not showing off my non-existent "guns" here. But, rather the fit of the sleeve, which I'm pretty happy with.

So, that's the red plaid shirt. I've made a promise to at least finish the baby quilt before I start anything new. I will finish, I will, I will, I will.

Actually, I'm almost done with the quilting...maybe another two hours and then just the binding. And, then I'm going to work on a machine applique project. This is supposed to be the year of machine applique for me and I haven't done a thing. I'm going to be following Harriet Hargrave's method for Mock Hand applique, which I love, but am not very good at. It is definitely a skill that needs practice. I was gifted a couple of kits two years ago and haven't started either one, so I set that as my goal this year. But, I've let myself be distracted. So, as soon as I figure out how to use two sewing machines at one time, one with each hand/foot combination, I'll be able to make clothes with my right hand and applique with my left. That should work out real well, huh?

As for the dog fight yesterday, after Rob and I discussed it, we decided that it was best not to call the police or animal control on a neighbor. This time. There's something hard about reporting people that know where you live. People are crazy.

Anyway, life goes on and I have yard work on my mind (in addition to applique). We are in our spring and this morning, I set out the snow pea bushes that I started in the potting shed a few weeks ago. I also have shasta daisy seeds that are up and am waiting and hoping on some white moon flowers bush seeds like the ones my great grandmother used to grow. She gave me a seed pod in the 70's and for many years, I kept generations of plants growing from that. But, I got older and that slipped away. I got some seeds from a neighbor and started them in peat seed starters, but they haven't broken through yet. Still got my fingers crossed on that. I'll also be converting the potting shed to a sunroom this summer, with my cushioned patio furniture and expect to have a table that I can sew on out there. I can take out a featherweight.

Okay, so that's big dreams for a little bit of space. We'll see what I actually get.

Take care and hope you're having a great Thursday. I might just ask for tomorrow off. If I get to everything I need to do today. We'll see.



Becky said...

The shirt looks great!! I'm off for a little sun for a few days so you won't hear from me til next week. It's about 50 degrees here, but there's still snow in our yard. Ugh.

regan said...

Lane....you should be very proud of that shirt....it's fabulous! Very well done! And it fits you perfectly!

I gave up sewing clothes years ago, when I realized my weight didn't stay the same for more than 5 minutes! Nothing would ever fit by the time I finished it! Hated that! So it's all quilting now! Quilts always fit! lol

Anonymous said...

Great job on the shirt. When you figure out how to sew on 2 projects at the same time, please share. I could use that.

P. said...

Lane, your shirt is wonderful! Excellente!

Hazel said...

Well done , give yourself a BIG pat on the back , your deserve it .

Coloradolady said...

Oh, you did a wonderful job!!! You should receive a little something by Sat. Hopefully.....I blame my old age, a year older as to my tardiness...but I hope it was worth the wait! I think it will be.....have a wonderful weekend!

Andra Gayle said...

Looks great!

Rhoda said...

You've done a really great job on the shirt! Wear it proudly.

Coloradolady said...

Lane, I just saw your comment, and this is what I do for my quilts. I fill the bathtub with the soaps and guesstimate on the water. I use pretty warm water, but not hot. I let it soak for about an hour. I drain and repeat. Some of my quilts are really heavy....rinse as best you can and then I put it in the washing machine on hand wash setting and rinse again.

I have read on line some soak in the washer, but I have not had very good luck with that, they just don't come as clean as they do in the tub. Watch closely for extensive fading. I only had one top that did not hold up well. If the quilt brightens up fairly quickly, don't let it set, the oxiclean can be a little harsh if over soaking is done. I line dry in the sun all my quilts once washed.

I have had great luck with this, just watch and don't leave it without checking on it, and for quilts, don't use overly hot water....Suzanne

lw said...

The shirt looks really good, but I like your smile even better.

andsewon said...

Oh my.. that shirt is awesome! Red becomes you!
I really do not think any the triangles or wings you see as any major deal! We have nice warm temps here in VA today and tomorrow as well but wind will blow a gale.
I am just putting on may ear muffs and going to separate peonies anyway!! Have a great weekend!!!

Traceyleezle said...

Love the shirt!
Oh, to have more than one set of arms...

Elizabeth said...

You did a really beautiful job on the shirt! Nice work.

xo -El

P.S. I'm super jealous that it is spring already where you live. It is still pretty cold and bleak here, although I did see a few hyacinths starting to poke up through the dirt. I think that means I didn't plant them deep enough.