Patterns and Pups

Today is day one of the Men's shirt sew along at Male Pattern Boldness. I've been happily anticipating the day. As soon as he announced it, I acquired pattern and fabric and buttons and have spent the month gathering and making tools.

Today, I got to open my pattern and unfold it. It was a glorious moment, complete with trumpet fanfare in my head to accompany the crackling tissue. Peter had many more steps than me. He also had to trace his pattern because it was printed in multiple sizes. I'll be doing that next time I have a multi-sized pattern, but not this time. Peter had to adjust his pattern size. Not me. The measurements on the pattern package fit me to a T. The only things I'm worried about are the size of the collar. Not the inches around, but the width of the collar. The pattern is from the 80's. It looks okay on paper, but we'll see. And, I'm a bit worried about the sleeve length. I don't know how to measure that in advance. I measured the sleeve length with my arm folded at the elbow, just like the book said, but don't know how to translate that to the pattern piece yet. The back of the pattern didn't give a sleeve length for me to compare my measurements to. That's going to be the advantage to making a muslin. Before I cut into that beautiful piece of linen, I'll see how it's going to fit.

So, this morning, all I needed to do was roughcut the pattern.

Then, I pressed it all nice and flat and marked off the pattern pieces from the instructions to make sure I had everything. For the longest time, I couldn't find piece M. See it there, at the top corner of the instructions? It's the fruit loop from the back where the back pleats under the yoke. If I'd realized what it was earlier, I wouldn't have spent so much time looking for it. But, there it was at the bottom of the front placket pattern. I'm laughing at me.

The other pattern I want to mention is for yesterday's Sailing, Sailing quilt. One of my friends is asking me for a pattern and I'm going to produce one for her. I'm glad to share a copy with anybody that wants one. My first thought was to snail mail it to her, but I'm thinking I can scan it in and send it via email. If your comments are linked to your email, just ask for a copy and when I finish, I'll send it on. Or, if your comments are "no reply", then you can click on my profile above and send me an email (lw, stop lurking. you know you wanna send me your email address).

And, finally, the pup. I don't gripe about her having to get in the middle of everything (EVERYTHING), but what I'm doing below is the ONLY way to get her to be still and stay out of stuff. She's a really anxious dog with abandonment issues that are just starting to calm down. But, the relaxation on her face when I scratch her belly is worth the effort. I usually get up before her if I need to pin baste a quilt in the floor. But, when I cut my fabric for shirts this week, I'm going to be paying the kid to scratch the dog's belly so she doesn't tear the tissue with those toenails I have to sit on her to cut.

Ahhh, the life of a dog. All she has to do to get a belly rub is bother me enough. She's got me well trained.

See that afghan? Sydney's been making that for 2 years. It's big enough to hold a family of elves. I don't know if she's ever going to call it finished. I guess it's her version of my perpetual hexagon quilt.

Take care and have a great Tuesday. New project elevated today. No one's called with panic in their voices yet. I am hopeful.



oldbatt said...

Can't wait to see your new shirt. I love the afghan and glad Sydney is interested in sewing and knitting and crocheting too. Your dog is adorable and lucky to have such a good home, ready to deal with any of her issues. Best, Lisa

JoAnne said...

You can actually get up before a dog?! In the 17 years of our dog's life, that never happened. She was always waiting with a morning greeting!

Cynthia L. said...

I am so interested in your shirt projects. Mostly the making of your muslin. I will follow along with great anticipation!

I love the quilt and would appreciate it if you would send a copy of the pattern to me. I will use it for one of the quilts I want to donate. I am sure a young one will love it. I am almost finished with the QFK quilt. I am quilting it now and then the binding. Hopefully I will be able to mail it no later than Monday. I will post a photo in your photostream

Your pup is so cute! Sydneys afgan with really pretty - I love purple!

Peter said...

Lane, can you not measure the length of the sleeve piece and add the cuff width -- subtracting seam allowances of course -- to figure out the final sleeve length?

lw said...

Love the quilt and I want a copy, too! I also love the photo with the happy puppy in your lab getting a belly rub. I can't work on the floor without putting my dogs out-- they stand right on whatever I put down there.

Debbie Cook said...

Lane - piggybacking onto what Peter said - measure the pattern and then compare it to a shirt that fits you in the sleeves. If you compare pattern measurement to actual arm, you won't be accounting for the ease you'll need to move when the cuffs are buttoned up. Or, just sew the muslin and make adjustments to that. ;-)

I have 3 dogs with nail clipping issues. But they all seem to tolerate a Dremel tool with a fine sandpaper attachment - even my more skittish pooch. It's like filing their nails, in hyperspeed. The whole procedure goes fast, and we don't have to worry about cutting into the quick. Just thought I'd toss that out there.

Sammie said...

I would like a copy of your Sailing, Sailing pattern when available. As a quilter who also owns a 36 foot sailboat, I find the pattern especially appealing:-).

Marla said...

Over 5 months later I am reading about your sailboat quilt. I love it so much and was wishing you could sell me the pattern for it. Don't know if I could figure out how to paperpiece the Marinar's Compass blocks or not. Have you thouhgt about setting up an Etsy site where you could sell patterns? I don't know either how to go about doing that but you sure have the talent to do it for sure. I would love to have this pattern if you would not mind e-mailing it to me. Thank you in advance!!--Marla