Sailing, Sailing

Houston, we have a baby quilt top. This has been a fun baby quilt. But, if I were to do it again, I would do it differently. The corner blocks would be shaped different and the mariner's compasses would be set onto a blue instead of an offwhite. And, the clouds in the center would have been cut differently so they didn't all run up and down instead of side to side. But, babies don't notice things like that. Babies notice the yellow circles to point at and the boats and the water and the warm.

I'm going to quilt a continuous wave shape in the water and swirls in the skies. I want to do a continuous anchor shape in the sashing. Other than that, I depend on inspiration as I go to help me figure out what to do.
I hope to get it pin basted this week.
But, I woke in the wierdest mood this morning. Just can't get myself all lined up. I needed an extra day from work and that's not going to happen. Big project elevates tomorrow and my time will not be my own for over a month. The best I can hope for is to take care of myself aboard a boat that is careening out of my control. This is how I make money.
And, I just have to remember that's what this part is all about; making the money that lets me do all the other stuff that I want to do.
So, hang on, because I think I have plenty of distractions that will give me plenty to look forward to while I'm working away; the shirt sew along, the donation quilt project, Sydney's quilt, this baby quilt. That should be plenty to give my brain stuff to chew on while I'm out there doing what needs to be done.
But, boy, what would I give for a week off? I might have to reward myself with one in late March. Oh, that seems so far away.
Take care and have a great start to the week. Lane


Becky said...

This is a very beautiful quilt! I wish you were doing a pattern.....I need this one!!

Impera Magna said...

I love the sailing ship blocks... want to do quilt with them for my BIL, the ex-Coastie!

ShelleyK said...

I started the work day with the same feeling! I am blaming it on not enough sleep & 4 times my normal caffiene in-take. The parents are going to love this quilt - and baby too!

Shay said...

I went back to work yesterday after three weeks off and I'm completely discombobulated.

I love that quilt . It inspired a quilt I'll be making later this year in a sea theme. (That cloud fabric is da bomb)

lw said...

The baby quilt is amazing! I know what you mean about having too much to do-- even though it pays for everything else-- jobs can be pretty demanding.

Elizabeth said...

That is just beautiful! Nicely done.

xo -El