Will he...or won't he

In reading about making garments, I started to read about steam presses. The more I read, the better it sounded. Then, I thought about that 100% cotton wardrobe I own. The one I don't wear anymore because it has to be ironed; and I take about a half hour per long sleeve shirt. Too long.

So, I found a used steam press with a money back guarantee at a really good price and I bought it Weds morning, really early and it beat me home on Friday. It was in a huge box. I put my shoe in to show how big.

With a trashbag full of popcorn.

And, a half mile of bubble wrap.

And, then I pulled out my little press.

Okay, I wasn't so impressed with the size, but I played with it and pressed a pocket square.

And, then I went online to find the instruction manual and read about all the things I'd done and there was an article on ironing a shirt with it and I tried that and it was everything that all the articles promised.

This morning, I pressed three more shirts for next week and Sydney pressed her fabric for her quilt and we've kept the press pretty busy and are all very happy with it.

Rob just walks by and shakes his head.

Last night, Sydney and I stayed up late and I worked on the ship quilt and She cut the blocks for her quilt. She's ready to start, so Saturday, I cleaned and straightened so there was room for two of us in the sewing room. I've set her up with the white featherweight that I rebuilt. I'll never be happy with the machine, but she'll never notice the things about it that I do. And, the fact that I paid more than I wanted to just leaves me sour on it.

And, after my chores were through, I pressed my linen for the shirt sew along. I picked a cheap cotton fabric for a muslin, but have just about talked myself out of it. I pulled out a bag of muslin pieces. A big bag. I'm going digging to see if I can find something else.

Darnit, I really like that dollar a yard fabric I picked up. I don't want to waste it.



Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog! Glad to hear about your experience with the steam presser because I've thought about one too. I know it doesn't replace the iron completely, but maybe I'd start wearing more of my clothes again. I've bought "cheap" fabric thinking I can use it for something that might be thrown away, but something about the color/design of it says "oh don't waste me" and then you end up using something else that you paid more for! Glad to hear your trip to MN went well...and you ended up having such a good experience with the sewing on the plane/at airports. Take care, sally

Cynthia L. said...

Wow, sounds like the steam press is worth the money spent. I am so tickled that you and Syndey are sewing together.

I have not been doing much in the way of clothing sewing lately, but I want to get involved again. I have never used a muslin before, so I am doing some reading on the subject. I am interested to see what you have to say about it - I will follow along with your projects!

I bet you are glad to be home and out of the cold. I understand we are all in for a big storm - including parts of Texas! Stay warm and keep the sewing machines humming!

andsewon said...

How cool is that! I have looked at these but never seriously entertained the idea to buy one. I press shirts every week but I do enjoy it. Yes, I am a bit weird that way! ;-)
Sounds like you and Sydney had some sewing fun!

Peter said...

OMG, another steam press! I saw a white featherweight at the flea market this weekend -- $250. That seemed high to me but maybe not and it did have its case and a box of accessories. Not that I'm in the market for another sewing machine...

Do you have an old sheet you could use as a muslin?