Winter harvest

This is my pitiful winter citrus harvest. Last year, we had lemons coming out our ears, but this year, I didn't get them out fast enough and the bugs couldn't pollinate and we got these three fruits. But, they're big as a fist. The coin is an american quarter that is about .75" in diameter. The one in the lower left is actually an orange. The orange tree makes a very sweet and tart fruit and the lemons are sweet and juicy. I feel a bunch of cups of tea in my future.

I'm still working on RRCB. After I got the center together, I decided I needed more blocks, so I'm working on them now and have one short side of the border put together. It will have 12 churn dash blocks instead of the 9 I planned for and will be long enough for me to cuddle up under nicely.

I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping and am not sure why. I sleep well, until 3-ish and then fitfully the rest of the night. Last night, I knew I was dozing because I could hear myself snoring, but I wasn't awake enough to try to stop. It was a wierd dreamlike state, but better than awake and tossing. I hope I stop waking soon. I'm needing all the sleep I can get and if I get up, Rob wakes up, so I try to lay there as long as I can, but eventually, boredom will send me to the sewing room, even if its just to read for a half hour and then try sleeping again.

Hope everyone is sleeping well, taking care and staying warm. It's quite nippy here in Texas and we're pulling out our coats.



sewfunquilts said...

Those lemons & orange look so perfect. It might be pitiful in quantity, but the quality is excellent.

Hope your sleeping improves soon. It's horrible when that happens.


Becky said...

Sorry you're not sleeping well. Try some Sleepytime Tea. I have found that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't....but when it doesn't that's ok too....it tastes yummy!!

Michelle said...

Gee, maybe we should start chatting online. That's about when I wake up!

John Going Gently said...

thats three more lemons than i would ever have
well done!

Pauline said...

Get some Melatonin, capsule instead of tablet form. That a safe solution.

Vesuviusmama said...

Sleep well, Lane!