Getting all ambitious

Okay, so the ultimate ambitious act for a beginning shirtmaker is to start collecting vintage patterns, right? I haven't even pressed the fabric for the men's shirt sew-along that starts next month and I'm already promising Rob a Hawaiian shirt from the pattern on the right. What if I don't like making shirts?

The pattern on the left, I just couldn't resist. First, look at how huge those collars are! Then, look at the blue shirt in the upper left corner; solid blue sleeves, back and collar, and a plaid front. I am fascinated. I might not be able to wear it out of the house, but I want it...with a more modern collar, that is. Anyway, I bought that pattern because of the write up on it. It belonged to the seller's Grandma and she used it to make shirts for Grandpa. Who could resist! Okay, the millions of people that didn't buy the pattern clearly resisted. But I could not. It's used and fragile, but I can copy it onto new paper if I like the pattern.

Coat update. So, why did I have to make a coat now? I've realized that I'm about to learn to sew garments. And, if I wait, there's no way that I will be able to remake something I originally made with so little skill (pre-quilting). If I was ever going to remake it, I had to do it before I learned anything more. If you're having trouble understanding that, and you're a quilter, just think back to that UFO that's been in the box for several years. The one you started before you really knew how to quilt and now, when you look at it, you wonder if it is worth finishing. That's the story of why I had to remake the coat now or never.

Where am I? Well, everything is finished except the bottom hem and the buttonholes. I'm putting the bottom hem in for the THIRD TIME! First, it was puckers where my stitches came through the shell of the coat. Rip. Then, I got it all finished and realized that I didn't like how the stripes lined up. Rip. But, this time, I'm pretty sure I'll be happy and finished. Then the buttonholes. Still can't decide whether to machine them or try to hand finish them. Each day I change my mind.

I planned to wear this coat in Minneapolis next week, but now, we're discussing whether it will be warm enough for temps between 9* and 19*. What do you guys that live up north think. It's a wool blanket, lined with a medium weight denim. It comes down to my hips, but does not cover my legs at all and will not be long enough to sit on when I sit in a car. Now, I've made arrangements (stop laughing) to get on a shuttle in the airport basement and ride that shuttle to the hotel, where I intend to stay until it is time to get back on the shuttle and go back to the airport basement. If you're still laughing, then I invite you to come visit here in late August and we'll talk about why we go from the air conditioned house to the air conditioned car to the air conditioned office, spending as little time outside in the 113* heat as possible. We can also talk about why we don't wear polyester (because it doesn't wick away the sweat). My alternative is a long canvas duster with a fleece underlining that seems a bit like overkill to me...but what do I know about cold.

Jotham asked yesterday about Britches for Boys and whether there is a pattern. There is a pattern here. I made it and showed it here. I wasn't much on it. They're okay, but remind me of an older boy and workout clothes. Probably wouldn't make any difference to a boy who has no pants, right? But, I want to use a very small boxer shorts pattern, extend the length a couple of inches, and eliminate the fly so I can just whip them out on the serger (crotch seam and then leg seams) and then add a waistband and a buttonhole and a drawstring. I want to make them out of denim, so they're a bit tougher than the t-shirt fabric. But, I haven't done that yet.

Okay, that's it for today. We have a lot going on and all I want to do is sit down and do nothing. Reminds me of my Grandpa's mule. No reason why. I just don't want to do anything. Well, except sew. I'm within spitting distance of finishing the RRCB quilt top and just haven't done it. Muleheaded.

But, Papaw had a way of making that mule get up. Just not sure I want anybody smacking my rump with a 2x4.

Take care.



Becky said...

Haha! I hope no one smacks you around!! Have a great day......if it is going to be 9 to 19 degrees, the duster with the fleece lining.....definitely.

Barb H said...

As a former Minnesotan--Duluth even!--I think you'll be fine with the Hudson Bay jacket if all you're doing is going from car to building. If you have to walk outside for a bit, layer a wool sweater under the jacket. And bring hat, mittens, and scarf--just in case. :) Enjoy your trip.

Tammy said...

Hi Lane,
I concur with Barb, the wool coat will be warm enough with hat, mittens and scarf. In Brandon, Manitoba Canada today it is minus 29 Celsius with a windchill making it feel like minus 38 Celsius. BRRRRRRR that is cold, I walk my dog Lily outside everyday for 45 minutes. Today my outdoor dress attire will be winter thinsulate leather boots, heavy wool socks, jeans, polar fleece & nylon snow pants over the jeans, golf shirt, polar fleece jacket, winter coat with hood up over polar fleece jacket, polar fleece gloves, double knit wool toque, and100% knit wool neck warmer (Shannon calls it a Norwegian chill fighter). No glasses cuz they fog up so badly I can't see. I have no many layers on it is difficult to bend over to pick up dog doo.. but I am not cold. Lily wears home sewn polar fleece and leather dog booties. She has a fur coat.. I'm jealous!

PS... I'm planning to participate in Peter's shirt sew-along as well next month.

oldbatt said...

Hey Lane,
Wish we could hook up for a quilt date while you are here but I will be working next week as well. I think the wool coat will be good but be sure to bring hat and mittens/gloves. Layers are definitley the way to go! If it's 19 next week that will be about 40 degrees warmer than it will be tomorrow morning - a regular heat wave! Have a super trip! Lisa

Hawaiian Quilts said...

Aloha from the warm west coast, we just wanted to swing by and say we enjoyed reading about your adventures. I think Hawaiian shirts should all have collars that use collar stands vs the dog eared “camp collars”.

Vesuviusmama said...

Truly, Lane, have you ever had a day when you just sat and did nothing? I can't see you doing that!

Nancy said...

I have to laugh about the comments about the cold in MN. My daughter lives there and I lived there for almost a year. I arrived in a fleece jacket which did not breathe and I was drenched. While I was talked into buying a very heavy coat, I never wore it. In a small gift shop near the lake in Buffalo, MN I bought a fabulous reversible quilted jacket, pieced on the outside, blackwatch plaid on the inside. That was the best $98 I ever spent. That was 2000 and I am still wearing that jacket every winter. Anything heavier and I just roast. I loved the cold in MN.