Like a little boy

I should be offering myself up for vintage thingies thursday, as I am definitely a pre-1970's model. But, the tree guy came today and despite my best efforts to focus on working from home, I could not help running to the window periodically to wathc the man on the high wire working without a net. Poor Tim. If I ever figure out how cheap it would be to buy a really long extension ladder and tie myself to a big branch like he does, I won't have to call him. But, until I do that (and get over my fear of heights) his work is safe.

When I was a teenager, I commissioned a hand made shirt from a friend in these two fabrics. If I'm not mistaken, the one on the left was the body of the shirt and the right was the yoke and cuffs and collar, maybe. Not sure. I think this shirt cost me $25; material, pattern and labor. A small fortune for a cotton shirt in the late 1970's. (okay, who didn't know the boy in the tomatoe shirt was going to be gay???)
Many years later, I tried making shirts of my own with varying levels of success. Generally shirts that didn't fit very well. Don't know how I consistently made shirts just a bit too small and just a bit not good enough to wear anywhere except around the house (these photographed better than they really look.

Then, I became a quilter and my sewing need was satisfied.

But, now, I've decided to try again. Peter at Male Pattern Boldness is doing a sew-along to make a dress shirt. Don't know much more than that, should hear about the pattern tomorrow, whether we're all making the same one, or each making from a different one. Not sure which would be worse as there aren't many cool new patterns and I have a couple of vintage out of print patterns I've collected over the years that I'd love to try out. Anyway, the sew along doesn't start til early Feb, so plenty of time to get the pattern and fabric. I'm thinking off white with a pinstripe, but I'll be limited to what I can find. All I have a big enough piece of has frogs or pigs on it...not happening.

I've seen that a couple of other bloggers I follow are going to give it a try and at least one is on the fence. Should be fun. Peter is a talented and entertaining garment maker.

Hope you're having a good Thursday.



Becky said...

I made a shirt once for a friend in high school. He liked it, but I sure didn't like making it. Too tailored....I'm not that patient! They were hinting that the rest of the band would like a matching one....NO WAY!!! Have fun! I'll enjoy watching you with this one.

Coloradolady said...

This sounds like a fun project, I will be glad to follow along, but I doubt anyone would want a shirt I made much less wear it!!! LOL

vivian said...

You are brave! I made a shirt once in Home-Ec (do they still teach that?) It was great til I put it on and the sleeve was in backwards! I'm glad I found quilting!

Vesuviusmama said...

A shirt!?! You brave, brave man!

Nancy said...

Our JoAnn's has tons of cotton oxford cloth in stripes.